Discover the world of Employer Branding. As the global leader in employer attractiveness research and insights, Universum delivers a full range of services to empower employers to better attract, recruit and retain talent.

employer branding training and events

Universum arranges different types of seminars year-round, everything from small discussions, advisory boards and online webinars to big events. The purpose with Universum’s events and training is to share experience and increase knowledge in the field of employer branding.

Universum hosts the Employer Branding Conference in the USA on an annual basis and holds a number of Ideal Employer Awards across the globe. The events are a combination of seminars on the subject of employer branding and gala dinners filled with glamour and entertainment, where companies are awarded for being recognized by Talent as attractive employers.


World Class Employer Branding is a training program created and carried out by Universum, aiming to provide employer branding professionals in all organizations and industries with knowledge, skills, tools and a framework to better execute their work and succeed. It brings up strategic as well as operational challenges and tasks, aiming to develop and strengthen the participants’ competencies in the area of attracting, recruiting and retaining talent. Learn more 

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PEOPLE MAKE THE BRAND – Employer Brand Conference is an exclusive opportunity for you to exchange ideas with leading industry experts and learn what tactics have been successful at these top organizations. The conference also facilitates one-on-one conversations with your peers throughout the day, making it the perfect opportunity to network with leading employers. After the event, you will walk away with a new understanding of the talent market and will be better equipped to implement strong strategies in your own organizations. For more info, go to





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