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Do you want to know the current landscape of talent management and what your competition is focusing on? If you have full or partial responsibility for your organisation’s employer brand, complete this survey to compare your activities against what your peers are doing.

This survey is developed by Universum in collaboration with DHI Group. DHI Group (NYSE: DHX) is a leading provider of data, insights and employment connections through their specialised services for professional communities including technology and security clearance, financial services, energy, healthcare and hospitality.

You will receive a free copy of the report with all of the key insights in April as well as an invitation to an exclusive webinar where experts from Universum will go through the findings.

You will get a chance to win one of the 50 copies of the book “Employer Branding for dummies” by Richard Mosley and Lars Schmidt. By completing the survey you will get the first chapter of the book for free.

You also stand a chance of winning a free spot in Universum’s Employer Branding Academy online training course, worth $1670. 

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