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Growing up digital, say some, has so influenced younger generations that it somehow gives them a permanently different outlook than their older peers. Gen X calls Gen Y the Peter Pan Generation, saying they cling to childhood even as adults. While millennials characterize their Gen X peers as nihilistic and disdainful. Neither has fully formed their opinions about Gen Z, who are on the cusp of entering the workforce.

In the first of three eBooks focusing on the behaviors and attitudes of Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z, Brave New Workplace explores how these three generations are reshaping the nature of work and workplace culture.

New research from Universum, INSEAD Emerging Markets Institute, The HEAD Foundation and MIT Leadership Center questions these generalizations.

Are younger generations truly so different? Or is it possible that as they age and gain experience at work, they begin to behave a lot like their older peers?

Based on a survey of over 18,000 students and professionals from 19 countries – spanning Gen Xers who’ve been in the workplace for two decades to Gen Z students – we can now share data about preferred work styles, leadership qualities, and hopes and fears about future careers.

A Brave New Workplace with Gen X, Y and Z

Learn how each group can best be motivated, managed, led and encouraged to lead, for optimal results