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Building a Global Employer Brand

Insights from the World’s Most Attractive Employer Survey 2014

For many firms that span the globe, multiple markets, or even just several regions within a country, attracting the unique workforce at each company location can be a major determinant of their growth. To succeed at this, organizations need to be strategic and intentional in approaching global diversity.

What makes employers attractive to prospective talent in a foreign market? To what extent do global organizations need to localize their employer brands? Where can firms find opportunities to take advantage of similarities, and when is it crucial for them to differentiate?

This e-Book on Building a Global Employer Brand examines the following:

  • Similarities and differences in student preferences across markets
  • Getting the world out: Communication channel usage across markets
  • The learning organization satisfying recruits’ desire to develop professionally
  • The new work environment: Expectations outstripping reality


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Graduate choices in the World’s Most Attractive Employers

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