Creating an Employer Brand

Creating an Employer Brand

Providing innovative solutions to global health care problems and the transparency to gain and maintain public trust is a mighty endeavor, but one that our client takes seriously.

Bringing the right people into the business is an essential part of the process, but they weren’t prepared for the new face of hiring in today’s employer-competitive marketplace.

The multinational pharma company needed to focus on building an employer brand from scratch and putting methods in place to determine their budget and how to measure results.

What we did:

  • Established affordable, effective guidelines for procuring new talent.
  • Delivered insights on tens of thousands of students regarding what they look for in an employer, including specific details on how they perceived the client.
  • Createded a budget for employer branding, established an effective applicant tracking system (ATS) and used the research provided to tweak advertising and creative to position the company ahead of the competition.
  • Delivered continous advisory and consulting services to fine-tune the company’s employer brand.