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World Expected Salaries

Which country has higher salary expectations among students? Students from 33 countries answered the question: “What is your expected monthly salary (before tax) in your first job after graduation?” From this data, Universum produces an annual Global Cost of Talent Index, which reveals countries where undergrads cost the most for companies to hire as well as the lowest expectations. The infographic below shows the contrast between highest and lowest salary expectations.

Switzerland has remained in the highest salary spot for another year where students expect to earn on average around $7,423 per month. Norway and Denmark continue to follow Switzerland in the top three. The countries with the lowest salary demands have shifted with the entrance of new countries into the survey.  Ukraine, Turkey, and Vietnam have now taken the bottom three places away from China, India and Poland. There is still a clear salary gap between the genders,  men are expecting to earn $4,678 more than their female counterparts.



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Forbes journalist, Kathryn Dill, reports about salary expectations in her article “Switzerland Tops List of Countries Where Salary Expectations Are The Highest“.

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