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Ivy League & Russell Group Students

Special report on students from the Ivy League and Russell Group Schools.

All you need to know about how they view their careers and ideal employers. 

It used to be true that only an Ivy or Russell Pedigree could get you in the door at certain employers. (Those were also the days when résumés were printed on ivory linen paper.) Today, the hunger for talent is so consuming that the talent pool from even the top 30 schools in the US and UK isn’t nearly enough to satisfy the requirements of attractive, high-growth companies.

For companies wanting to hire the best, the attitudes and career goals of Ivy League and Russell Group students are a useful proxy for what we’ll call a top candidate.

The needs and desires of these high achievers can help organizations think carefully about what they will need to offer – both in compensation and benefits and in work life and development. This is not to say the Ivy and Russell schools are the only source of top-tier talent – far from it. But segregating these students is
a useful way to build specific strategies for top (read: hard to attract) talent.

On an annual basis Universum gathers insights on the career expectations of one million careerseekers from 55 countries, and publishes dozens of reports on the
top issues affecting global talent and the companies that hire talent. The Talent Insights Series focuses on students nearing graduation or who have recently finished university. Each report looks at a specific industry from the perspective of a student who seeks to work in that industry, except this eBook which profiles students in the Ivy League and Russell Group schools.

In this report, data are aggregated across both Ivy League and Russell Group students, except in a few cases where the difference between the two is exceptional. Our analysis also explores how Ivy and Russell students differ from their peers at other universities. How does top talent think and behave differently, and what are the implications for employers trying to court them?

Talent attraction strategies for high-achieving graduates


Ivy League & Russell Group students

How do they think and behave, and what are the implications for employers?