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Future-Proof Your Business: Invest in the Talent Stock Exchange

Acquiring the Talent Advantage

Future business success is not based on having competitive products or services. It’s based on having a talent advantage – i.e. a just-in-time availability of talented individuals with the business critical skills necessary to develop future products and services. Ultimately, gaining a talent advantage will future-proof your business.

The competition for Talent has intensified and is now played out publicly. Employers are now in the spotlight, being compared and graded in social media by their own employees.

In this white paper, you will learn how:

  • Just-in-time availability of talent with the right competencies and skills will be crucial for future success
  • Talent relationship management (TRM) will become a central part of the HR strategy
  • Relations are to an increasing degree formed and maintained through social media
  • The transparency of social media may transform the Talent market to a Talent Stock Exchange

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