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Universum presents four macro-trends that are affecting the talent management and employer branding industry.

1. The Information Avalanche

Candidates’ are acquiring more knowledge about employers because information is increasingly more readily available and accessible. The new environment has created an information avalanche, whereby candidates are empowered to consider many more employers than ever before. Employers are affected on two levels: 1) Identifying and broadcasting the employer’s differentiating factor is crucial, and 2) Conveying the employer’s culture beyond the office is critical to employer brand fulfillment.

2. Free Agent Nation

An increasing number of industries have more temporary workers than ordinary full-time employees; this number is projected to grow across the world. For employers, the challenge is to maintain a common culture and ensure a sense of belonging among temporary workers as well as FTEs.

3. Social Media Challenge

Companies have yet to realize the promises of social media. Building followers and likes becomes simpler every day, but building engagement and a community is undervalued. There is still a limited focus on the internal aspect of social media, i.e. using it to build engagement among employees and find ambassadors.

4. Need for agility

HR needs to adapt to the need for speed in today’s business cycle. When companies’ business focuses shift from one year to another, being able to adapt internal talent becomes paramount. The ability to plan for and adapt to continuous change becomes a key competitive advantage in the future.

Trends that impact talent attraction and employer branding


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