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Understanding a Misunderstood Millennial Generation

Part one of a six-part series on Understanding a misunderstood generation

Based on the number of research studies and lengthy reports examining Millennials over the last decade, you’d think we could move on. Surely we now understand digital natives and all their interesting and idiosyncratic ways.

To begin, let’s understand the conventional wisdom most often applied to Millennials. Looking across dozens of studies, we found a generally accepted set of themes or attributes commonly associated with Millennials. These are:

  • Millennials are interested in leadership positions and expect to advance rapidly in their careers.
  • Millennials resist hard work.
  • Millennials care more about personal development and work-life balance than traditional trappings of success, such as money and status.
  • Millennials believe government has significance and influence in today’s society.
  • Millennials rely on friends and family for input on career issues.

Are these statements correct?

Based on the responses of thousands of Millennials around the world, our research shows some are indeed correct, while others are quite off base. In this first of six ebooks, we’ll examine each statement in depth. Later installments will explore topics in greater depth, with a closer look at regional differences and the impact on business leaders.

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Understanding a misunderstood generation


The first large-scale study of how Millennial attitudes & actions vary across the globe, and the implications for employers.

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