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The only tool to measure your employer brand on social

Understand how your social media content is shaping your employer brand


  • Performance AnalysisDiscover which posts are the most and least engaging
  • Insight Reports: Receive quarterly trends about what talent wants to hear about
  • Competitor Benchmarks: Compare your results to specific companies in your industry
  • Social Post Library: Access an inventory of the best performing posts
  • Content Strategy: Know what to post and when to post it

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How Iris Works


1. Social media posts are captured into Iris databases.

2. The posts are randomly assigned to a representative pool of students, alumni, and professionals in your country.

3. This talent pool assigns attributes from The 40 Drivers of Employer Attractiveness to each post.

4. The posts are then assigned an engagement score based on its performance and posted in Iris.

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How to Measure the External Success of Your Employer Brand to Prove ROI

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Nordic Rankings 2017

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