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Discover the current state of the social media landscape for employer brands and the trends shaping how and where you engage talent today.

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Discover the power of Iris

Social Intelligence and First-in-Class employer brand measurement

Built for HR and Talent Attraction professionals, not consumer marketers, Iris is the only social measurement tool that connects you to your audience in real-time.

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How Iris Works

Discover the conversations that matter to your talent

1.  Posts from leading social platforms are captured in Iris databases directly from the source.

2.  Social posts are randomly assigned to representative talent of all experience levels, recruited to analyze all incoming posts.

3.  Every post is rated by recruited talent with one or more of 40 corresponding values from Universum’s Employer Brand Framework.

4.  All post data is then analyzed by Universum’s expert research and analytics department.

5.  Reports are produced for all beta foundation partners.

6.  Post-beta, all members will be provided with a login for on-demand data reporting, weekly subscriber insights, videos and quarterly reviews.

Introducing Iris

The only social measurement tool built for HR and Talent Attraction professionals.




Measure What Matters

Use Iris social insights to craft better conversations.

There is a lot to consider in building your employer brand’s social strategy. Iris provides competitive advantage with:

●  Real-Time Insights
●  Content Analysis
●  Content Guidance
●  Talent-Centric Insights
●  Case Study Access
●  Performance Reviews

You can use this information to map to your strategy, while using our global case-study library for continual education and insight on employer branding social best practices.



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Thought leadership from Universum industry experts to intrigue and challenge current employer branding professionals and inspire those who are just beginning their talent branding journey.

Nordic Rankings 2016: Sweden

Nordic Rankings 2016: Sweden

Posted by on May 19, 2016 in Press Releases, Rankings

Swedish talent take a friendly work environment for granted and seek careers with high future earning and inspiring purpose Inspiring purpose vs. a friendly work environment Automotive industry becomes more […]

Nordic Rankings 2016: Denmark

Nordic Rankings 2016: Denmark

Posted by on May 19, 2016 in Press Releases, Rankings

Danish talent are showing less interest in careers in the public sector and are in search of career paths with high future earnings within a creative and dynamic work environment […]

Nordic Rankings 2016: Norway

Nordic Rankings 2016: Norway

Posted by on May 19, 2016 in Press Releases, Rankings

While the rest of Nordics seek a career with a work/life balance, the ongoing slump in oil prices has caused Norwegian talent to prioritize finding a secure/stable job. Positive trend […]

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