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The World’s Most Attractive Employers have been chosen

chosen by 200,000 students

across 12 countries

among the top 90% in 6 of 12 markets

Student preferences have changed in 2014

Based on Universum’s national student surveys of more than 200,000 business and engineering students in the world’s twelve largest economies, today’s talent reveals their top choices for the World’s Most Attractive Employers. The research also highlights why these employers are attractive and how students around the globe are thinking about their careers.

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Mega trends within Employer Attractiveness

Students in Asia are more focused on money and career progression

When we ask students to rate the relative importance of four categories – employer reputation & image, job characteristics, people & culture, remuneration and advancement opportunities –  students in Asia and Russia place a higher priority on remuneration & advancement than students elsewhere.

In general, the emphasis students place on remuneration is inversely proportional to the per-capita GDP of their country. Exceptions include Russia (which has a “mid-sized” per-capita GDP, but in which students place an extremely high value on remuneration), and Japan (which has a high percapita GDP, but in which students place a high value on remuneration).

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Mega trends within Employer Attractiveness

Business students gravitate towards traditional industries

For business students, employers in the professional services industry (i.e. management consultancies and auditors), as well as in banking, have seen steady improvements in the rankings over the last three years. When we look at the top ranked employers for business students this year, organizations like the Big Four accounting firms and large, global banks have performed extremely well.

“Many of these institutions offer some of the most desirable jobs in each of these markets,” continues Nylander. “By offering the right combination of strong company culture, career advancement opportunities, training and development and financial security, they are increasingly seen as the best employers for business students. As the global economy recovers and as these firms hire more entry-level positions, it’s natural that a large number of students would be attracted to these employers.”

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Mega trends within Employer Attractiveness

Around the world, Gen Y are increasingly focused on creative, friendly work environments

When asked about what attributes would make an employer attractive, students around the globe show that they want to work in creative and friendly work environments. In fact, “a creative and dynamic work environment” is the #1 most sought-after attribute for engineering students around the globe, taking priority over other attributes like a high starting salary or leadership opportunities. For business students, this is also a high priority, coming in as their #4 top choice.

Following closely behind “a creative work environment” in popularity is “a friendly work environment,” which places #6 for engineers and #5 for business students. In several countries, students prioritize a friendly work environment over a creative work environment (France, Germany, and Russia for both business and engineering; Australia and Canada for just business). “We see this as an indication that members of this generation, no matter where they are in the world, are really taking a different approach to work,” comments Petter Nylander, CEO of Universum. “We have seen for several years now that work and life are merging – students today don’t see as much of a separation between the two as we have in the past, and they know what a large role their work will play in their lives. For this reason, they want to work in an environment that resonates – and employers need to rise to the challenge and make investing in the work environment a priority.”

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