EY, Google and Ramböll are the Nordic’s most attractive employers

EY, Google and Ramböll are the Nordic’s most attractive employers

Stockholm, 2014-05-20 – Based on the preferences of over 33,000 students, Universum releases the talent attraction index “The most attractive employers in the Nordic’s in 2014”. Among business students, EY is the most attractive employer while engineering students selected Ramböll as the top employer, and for the IT students signing with Google is the best on the list.

What are the highlights and what is going on in the industries?

Auditing & Accounting is the most appealing industry for business students and the FMCG industry is gaining attractiveness with the exception of the tobacco companies. Overall Engineering and manufacturing companies are still highly ranked among the Nordic engineering students – the top ten companies on the list are construction companies. That said, as a whole the industry is losing in attractiveness. In the IT group, none of the employers dropped in the rankings, all either stayed the same or gained in attractiveness.

Let’s talk career goals among the business students…

Last year, work/life balance was the most important career goal in three of the four markets and for 2014 we do see a change. Only two countries, Finland and Sweden, have work/life balance as the most attractive career goal whereas students in Norway and Denmark value more to be competitively or intellectually challenged in their workplace. For the Norwegians and the Danes, work/life balance comes third after job security (Norway) and to have an international career (Denmark). The number two spot in Finland is to be dedicated to a cause or to feel that I am serving a great good versus the Swedes who rather be secure and stable in their job.

…and what about the engineers?

It’s quite different from the business students, where across the board, work/life balance is the clear number one career goal in all countries. Interestingly, to be dedicated to a cause or to feel that I serve for a greater good is the second most important choice for engineers in Denmark and Finland while the Swedes and the Norwegians are looking for an employer where they feel secure and stable.

Soft characteristics are on the rise

The importance of employer reputation and employer image is decreasing across the Nordics. Job characteristics are the second most important driver and the attributes related to job characteristics are especially important to Finnish students. People and Culture attributes are increasing in importance in all countries and these soft attributes are especially important in Norway. Remuneration and advancement is becoming more important to Danish students but the driver is still more important in the rest of the Nordics.

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