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2021 Most Attractive Employers in the United States

The 2021 edition of Universum's Talent Survey presents its main findings: Which companies are attracting the best talent in the United States in 2021? What are they doing right and what do they share in common? Are talent's preferences changing due to Covid-19?

Universum, the global employer branding leader, surveyed over 50,000 university students across the United States in multiple fields of study. We asked this vast group of young talent to provide insights on their aspirations and expectations for a future career as well as who they perceive to be their ideal employers in 2021. 

The full 2021 Ranking of the Most Attractive Employers in the United States will be presented on September 9.

Join us on September 9th to celebrate the best of employer branding in North America and to dive deeper in the main finding of Universum 2021 Talent Survey.

2021 Universum’s Talent Survey results show how the competition for talent has been growing steadily over the years.

This comprehensive research also showcases how young talent in the U.S. have changed their career preferences due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

2021 Top 3 preferences

  1. Secure employment

  2. High future earnings

  3. Inspiring purpose

Preferences on the rise

  • Ethical standards

  • Support for gender equality

  • Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Preferences on the decline

  • Market success

  • Competitive benefits

  • Prestige

Average salary expectation

  • Male: $73,515 USD

  • Female: $64,755 USD

  • Gender pay gap: 12%

#1 Preference by region


High future earnings


Secure Employment


Secure employment


High future arnings


Secure employment

We are seeing a generation of young talent that is willing to trade high earnings for a secure employment. Not a surprise for a generation that enters the workforce in the midst of global economic uncertainty.”

Kortney Kutsop

Managing Director, Universum Americas

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Want to dive deeper in these insights?

Join us on September 9th for the presentation of the Most Attractive Employers in North America.

The event will also present a comprehensive analysis of the main findings of Universum’s 2021 Talent Survey.