4 common Employer Branding challenges until 2015

4 common Employer Branding challenges until 2015

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Universum conducted a survey during the first half of the year, surveying 2,641 professional’s working with their organization’s employer brand. The survey has revealed some key insights on what are the coming challenges for companies in the years ahead. Here they are:

1. Differentiation

Differentiation is a common challenge for companies, as they struggle to stand out from the crowd. Forty-five per cent of all professionals working with their organizations employer brand say this is a major concern and will continue to be until 2015.

2. Funding & Co-operation

Gaining funding and co-operation across the organization, to meet employer branding objectives, is difficult for respectively 39% and 38% of the target group.

3. Metrics

Defining metrics, measuring and following up on employer branding work seems to be hard  for 41% of the respondents.

4. Developing a global employer brand

Thirty-nine per cent of employers are focusing on building a global employer brand now until 2015.


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