5 Easy Steps To Create A Thumb-stopping Social Media Post

5 Easy Steps To Create A Thumb-stopping Social Media Post

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Social media is a busy place with Millions of businesses all vying for our profitable attention and there are only so many hours in the day. What’s good for advertisers and employers is that because of multitasking and multiple devices there are now 31 hours a day. Social media businesses are aggressively trying to capture as much time as they can from this new day and are generally succeeding. Just yesterday Facebook announced that the average user spends 50 min per day on its properties.


Social is now a utility. It’s like electricity. It’s the first thing we look at when we wake up in the morning, we use it dozens of times during the day and it’s generally the last thing that we look at before going to sleep.

So with all of the noise how do you create an effective social media post?

At Universum, we partner with some of the world’s largest employers to build and manage their social presence. We do this all over the world and at last count, on all of the major and minor broadcast and narrowcast social media platforms. We’ve had some fantastic success too for our customers; in some cases, making social media their most effective channel for recruitment using a comparative ROI model. We’ve also been able to assist with finding purple squirrels, unicorns and taking what the general would believe as employer brands that would never find a place on social to category champions. We’ve done this by developing a specific post-design technique that I’m going to share with you today.

Basics before we begin…

Before getting into the particulars, there are a few components that one needs to have before you start posting. We’ve listed these out in detail here for you, but here are the toplines:

  1.  Build a strategy based on data. Big creative ideas don’t work in the marathon that is social media
  2. Plan at least two weeks in advance. This will give you time to create meaningful content and also be flexible enough to add in as-it-happens content which always appears
  3. Set clear KPIs so that you are measuring the right things in the right way


The Universum Technique Exposed

With the above table stakes activities completed there are 5 steps that make a good post a great thumb-stopper. Here they are:

  1. Use the minimum number of words to say what you need to say to give you the maximum amount of space for your picture or video.Over 75% of all social media content is consumed on mobile devices. The visible real estate on a mobile is dramatically different than on a desktop. Also the way that we consume content on a mobile is like much more like content ‘snacking’ than at a desktop where you are sitting and having a ‘full meal’ of content.
  2. Social media is about…. socializing. (Read: conversations). Consumers or Talent really are not interested in your employer or consumer brands. For Talent over 85% that we surveyed over the last 4 years have said that they choose to connect to you because they want to see what it’s like to work inside your company – through the stories of your employees. Make sure that you ask a question to the audience with every post. Guess what happens when you do? They answer and this positively impacts your engagement which has a bunch of great effects on how your page is treated with these platforms’ algorithms. For best practice look at ExxonMobil’s Facebook Careers page.
  3. Choose the language that curates the right people to your page. For employers, smaller fan and follower bases are better. Using the right language gets those people whom want to work for you. Using the right data will let you figure out what the right language is.
  4. Respond to comments like a human. It’s awful to see so many employers and consumer brands who manage to get participation but waste this opportunity by responding like an unmotivated robot. Respond to comments with enthusiasm, preparing your responses beforehand can go a log way to sounding and acting engaged (it’s also surprising at how similar many questions are from consumers and talents). Make sure too to tag the individual who asked the question as they are likely to engage.
  5. Make your photos and visual content asymmetrical. Don’t design things using white or blue. Zoom in. Open any of your social networks on your mobile and you’ll discover that you are awash in the white and blue of the most popular apps and that there is a tremendous amount of symmetry in the visuals. In such a busy newsfeed, you want to use every trick you can. As humans we are programmed to look for patterns and symmetry, so playing on this will give good returns. It will also make the people that you put in the photos more real and approachable.

Below is an example of the Universum technique in action. Good luck with your posting and comment if you get any good results or have techniques to add!


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