Why Universum?

Why Universum? Fast facts: 500,000 talents interviewed worldwide, over 200,000 one-on-one client interactions, direct co-operation with over 2200 academic institutions, and historical data on talent going back 25 years.  Output for you: actionable insights, fact based advisory services, communication solutions, and sourcing tools.

Our mission

We create the best possible match between employers and talent by providing knowledge, guidance and actionable insights. We make it possible to create a better talent market, contribute to the success of talent and employers and ultimately to a better world.



We are all a part of a dialogue based on openness, inclusion and appreciation.
By sharing we will grow and together become stronger.

We contribute to and inspire each other to reach our vision by being responsible proactive and caring

We dare to do things differently and we have the skills/ability and courage to pave new paths.