Access Social

Access Social

The Tool to Measure Your Employer Brand on Social Media

Access Social

In today’s crowded talent landscape, not only millennial’s and digital natives are consuming Social Media, everyone does. As people are using more and more Social Media in their Marketing efforts, having a presence in Social Media becomes more and more important for Employer Branding efforts as well. In order to make an impact, you need to have engaging content that captures the interest of your audience. However, as natural as this may seems, understanding what to post, which posts that creates the most engagement and how people interpret your Social Media is harder than it seems.

As we are moving into a digital world where Social Media is the rule rather than a complement, Universum understands the need for companies to monitor their EVP and Employer Branding strategies in Social Media. Access Social is Universum’s latest product, a Social Media Analytics tool specifically introduced to monitor Employer Branding in Social Media. Access Social shows you how you should talk to talent, so that the talent wants to listen. Based on our trusted framework, Access Social is the perfect weapon in the war for talent. With the help of Access Social, not only will you be able to understand how your Employer Brand in Social media performs, you will also be able to:

  • Discover which posts are the most and least engaging
  • Compare your results to specific companies in your industry
  • Set a content strategy for your Social media, understanding what to post and when to post it
  • Explore our unique global social post library

The EVP Monitor

Access Social is a unique way to monitor your Employer Brand on Social Media. Analyze data from multiple platforms all around the world available 24/7.

Unique Analysis

Find out what content drives engagement, how your Employer Brand communication is perceived, what the competitors are talking about and what key traits to focus on in order maximize the communication outcome.

Social Post Library

Get insipred by thousands of posts by top employers around the world in our ever-growing Social Post Library and continously improve your talent mesaging using best practices.