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In Access you’re welcomed to the world of talent.

The platform offers you the voice of over 1 million students and young professionals around the world
that every year give their input on what’s important for them in their preferred employer.

Why Universum Talent Insights? Why Access?

Data has never been more accessible than today. This gives you knowledge that in the past was hard to find. However, it also makes it harder for you and your team to decide on what data makes a difference and how to use it in an efficient way.

Given the growing accessibility of talent data you need to be sure that the data is correct. With a proven methodology, built over 30+ years, and with the one of the biggest number of respondents – we make sure that you get the most accurate image of how talent perceives your Employer Brand.  

Through building the most extensive career preference data set in the world, we offer companies unique insights into their Employer Brand’s positioning among talent.  

Using a data-driven approach to Employer Branding means that you will be able to attract more relevant talent to your company. 

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