APAC students go for Google

APAC students go for Google

It’s almost no surprise as with Universum’s Attractive Employer rankings for other countries and regions, Google tops the APAC charts as well. Asia Pacific continues to be a growing region and our survey results reflect that. With over 87,000 students from Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, their talent pool is continuing to grow with goal-driven young workers. Specifically in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia they have become a competitive talent recruitment area for the region. Four of these countries are new to the survey this year, leading to many new insights.

APAC’s ranking results

For engineering/IT students, Google, Apple and Microsoft secured the top three spots. Samsung remains a tough competitor for APAC, apacs-top50-2014 (1)however, other communications/IT organizations have fallen such as Nokia who now rests at 32nd place. IT has dominated 50% of the list, although car manufacturers are also making their presence known as an attractive employer with BMW Group and Toyota securing respectable spots.

Rachele Focardi, the Regional Director of Asia Pacific for Universum, shared that “Engineering students’ employer choices are often driven by the innovative consumer products that they experience. Google’s continued dominance and Samsung’s increase in attractiveness can both be attributed to this: Google’s Android software is market-leading and well distributed through Samsung’s products.”

Business students have also placed Google at the top followed by Deloitte and Citi. Along with Citi, other financial institutions and professional services are also gaining popularity. Respectively coming in at 6th, 7th, and 8th place are KPMG; PwC, and Ernst & Young. HSBC, the only bank to originate in Asia, has also made it in the top 10.

 “We are delighted to be ranked as one of Universum’s Top 10 Ideal employers by Asia-Pacific’s future talent. As a global bank, whose heritage lies in Asia, it is critical we continue to understand, appreciate and evolve the attributes of current and prospective employees who belong to the Millennial generation”. Elaine Wang, Regional Head of Learning, Talent, Resourcing & Organisation Development, Asia-Pacific, HSBC

Work/life balance is still important

Continuously reflected in our student surveys is the importance for work/life balance, Asia Pacific is no exception. As far as other attributes of attractiveness go, even within the region there are some noticeable differences.  In much of Asia Pacific, “high future earnings” was top priority for all fields. In Hong Kong and Australia, “professional training and development” was deemed the most important quality mirroring the Middle East and Europe. Students in China look for “a good reference for future career” as their main driver for marking an attractive employer. For most of Asia Pacific, having “a high starting salary” was not a requirement and they prefer employers with flexible and creative working environments.

“Asia Pacific is a very diverse and challenging region for employers to secure top talent,” said Focardi. “There are a number of employer attributes that are very attractive to students, but those that trigger career decisions are ultimately quite diverse. We cannot treat them as one homogenous group – successful employers segment this audience and produce very targeted communications.”
To find out more insights from the APAC student survey, download the full press release:
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