How to Attract Tech Talent

How to Attract Tech Talent

How to Attract Tech Talent
Business success in the tech industry depends on attracting highly skilled employees, and it’s challenging for hiring managers to find themselves competing against other companies to win the interest of the best candidates.
The President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology predicts a drastic shortage of over 1 million tech workers in the decade between 2012 and 2022; if these statistics reflect anything even close to real-world numbers, that means these job-seekers (especially the ones with high-level skills) have the ability to pick and choose among employers. In order to build and maintain a solid talent base, you need to know what qualities in a company matter most to job-seekers in the tech field. Below is a quick overview of how to make your company be more desirable to applicants.

Facilitate a Healthy Work-Life Balance

When millennials were polled about their career hopes, a satisfying work-life balance was consistently mentioned as the number one priority. No other workplace quality mattered more than this to young workers looking to start their careers. What does this mean for you in terms of establishing policies? Essentially, it translates into embracing flexibility. Attractive policies may include allowing workers to set their own hours, in order to accommodate family demands. Many employers offer the option of working from home, at least some of the time. Other ways to help employees balance their job and family needs include on-site childcare and a recognition that working overtime does not produce positive outcomes.

Challenge Your Workers

Skilled workers in the United States place “being challenged” high on their wish list of qualities for the ideal job. This doesn’t mean imposing long, exhausting workdays, however. Instead, “being challenged” refers to making use of the employee’s full skillset, so that he or she gains an increased sense of being valued through solving difficult problems. One way that employers facilitate workers using their highest and best skills is to offer training opportunities. Supporting your staff to upgrade their knowledge will win loyalty as well as give you a more effective workforce. Tech employers recognize this reality, and corporate training expenditures rose by 15 percent in 2013.

Integrate Marketing and HR

Your company’s marketing professionals are abundantly familiar with the methods of sharing information that will draw customers to your product or service. These are your in-house experts at branding, and part of your job as a hiring manager is to promote your employer brand. Linking the know-how of your marketing staff with the HR managers — responsible for creating and publishing job listings — is a good way to make sure that your jobs reflect the true appeal of your company as an innovative, appealing employer.

Learn From Universum’s Research

Universum went to the original source of this key knowledge: students who are graduating in tech fields around the world and are about to enter the job market with top credentials. Our eBook “Talent Attraction in the Tech Industry” is one of the reports in our Talent Insight Series, and it summarizes the results of our global survey of college and university students in over 13 countries. These students were asked a revealing set of questions about how they choose a company to work for, based on four specific metrics of employer brand appeal. To gain an in-depth understanding of the art and science of talent attraction in the tech field, download this eBook today. After you read it, contact Universum and let’s talk about how to put your employer brand out in front of your competitors.

Talent attraction in the tech industry

Learn more about what university students are looking for in future employers and what the implications are for companies aiming to hire them.
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