Most attractive companies among business students

Most attractive companies among business students

Among business students, financial services employers were hardest hit.

Ten out of 12 WMAEs in financial services lost ground in the rankings. Only Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley held on to their spots.
What helps employers hang on while the industry falters? For Goldman Sachs, an investment in digital and social media is finally paying dividends. While banks aren’t particularly well known for digital prowess, Goldman shows even highly regulated industries can leverage digital and social channels. The company uses Snapchat, for example, to advertise its college recruiting channel – gaining a first mover advantage on the platform.

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Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley hang on to top spots

Engineering and IT talent rewarded financial services companies for their efforts as they try to compete against tech companies for workers.

Goldman Sachs, in particular, has been working hard to woo technology talent. Among global engineering and IT talent, Goldman Sachs rose an impressive eight spots to number 21. The rise is due to a concerted effort by the company over the last two years to describe its innovation work.
Perhaps most interesting, the company’s rise on the WMAE ranking is driven in large part by gains in France, India, Japan, Canada and Australia – showing highly targeted local strategies can influence big changes in global brand perception.

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