Most Attractive Employers in Latin America

Most Attractive Employers in Latin America

Universum releases most attractive employers in Latin America

Universum, the global leader in employer branding, released the first ranking of the Most Attractive Employers in Latin America.  Based on a recent survey of more than 110,000 students across 8 countries in Latin America, the rankings reveal where students in this region want to work the most, and why.

Latin American students highly drawn to entrepreneurialism

When it comes to their long-term career goals, students in this region are highly interested in being entrepreneurial/ creative, especially when compared with their global peers.

“The emphasis on entrepreneurialism has interesting implications for employers,” said Carly Creighton, Head of Latin America at Universum. “It introduces start-ups as an added layer of competition to an already very competitive space.  It also means that established companies will need to renew their efforts to become more agile and offer opportunities for entrepreneurship in order to attract this group.”

Both business and engineering students looking to set themselves up for future

In many markets where Universum surveys, business and engineering students are looking for very different qualities in their future employers.  In Latin America, however, their top priorities are very closely aligned.  In general, both business and engineering students are looking for employers to help set themselves up for success, showing interest in professional training & development, a good reference for the future, and opportunities to develop as leaders.

“Students’ focus on the future provides employers a real opportunity in the region,” said Creighton.  “Some of these students grew up with economic or political instability, and are looking to secure their future success early on.  Employers that help them do that, by providing the right training programs or leadership opportunities, have the chance to perform really well among Latin American talent.”

Large, global companies top the list for both business and engineering students

For both business and engineering/IT students, many of the top-ranked employers are large, global organizations.  Microsoft and Google round out #1 and #2 for both groups, followed by other large global players like Coca-Cola, Nestle, and Unilever for business students, and IBM, Samsung, and GE for engineers.

“Whether you’re a large multinational or a local company, it’s important to pay attention to this region,” said Creighton.  “The majority of global GDP growth is projected to come from emerging markets over the next several years.  As the world continues to become more global, emerging markets will fuel the future talent pipeline.”

For the full list of rankings, go to https://universumglobal.com/rankings/latin-america/