The Most Attractive Nordic Employers

The Most Attractive Nordic Employers

Universum Releases Most Attractive Nordic Employers 2015

L’Oréal climbs the business rankings and is for the first time ranked as no 1

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – May 21st, 2015. Based on the preferences of over 38,000 students from the four Nordic countries, Universum releases The Most Attractive Employers in the Nordics. 18,412 Business students, 15,665 Engineering students and 4,442 IT students from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland have evaluated their Ideal Employers between September 2014 and March 2015, and the results were weighted based on nominal GDP. L’Oréal climbs the business rankings and is for the first time ranked as no 1. Ramboll and Google keep the first places in the Engineering and IT categories.


Industry Highlights

Auditing and accounting loses attractiveness in 2015, and EY loses their no. 1 position to L’Oréal in the business category. “L’Oréal has been climbing in all the Nordic markets and thus strengthened their position in the rankings. The company is perceived as the ultimate place to gain understanding of the whole value chain of a global FMCG player and a door-opener for the future,” says Jonna Sjövall, Vice President EMEA at Universum. “They have also been working hard to attract business talent with an international and driven mindset and to communicate what they have to offer to them.”

As the Big Four professional services firms are losing attractiveness, the management consultancies are climbing. The perceptions of big banks remain quite stable among Business students. The construction industry continues to stay attractive and dominates the Top 10 ranking for Engineers, while engineering and
manufacturing firms continue to lose attractiveness among Nordic engineering students. The IT top 10 is dominated by big global players and Google is still unbeatable in the top.

Personal balance still dominates the long-term career goals

Having a work/life balance proves to be the most important career goal in three of the four markets. Finnish business students strive for work/life balance to a greatest extent, while Norwegians value security above other goals. In Denmark, students aim for international careers to a larger extent than in the other markets. Among engineering students, though work/life balance is the most important, security (in Sweden and Norway) and meaningful work (Denmark and Finland) are also important. Though IT students overall value having work/life balance and security, they also value highly creativity, innovations and challenges.

Attractive attributes of future employers

The Nordic business students are very future-oriented and want to build their career early on: a good reference for the future linked to possible high earnings is top-of-mind when choosing what to do after graduation. Both Engineering and IT students value most a creative work environment. “The possibility to work in a dynamic place where innovation and new ideas are welcomed gives Engineering and IT students a sense of purpose,” Sjövall says. “Employers who foster this kind of culture and openness will be able to gain the future talents’ interest.”

Universum Career profiles also show that Entrepreneurs are most common among IT students, while they are Careerist and Leaders to a lesser extent than Engineering and Business students. With Engineering students, being an Idealist is the most common. “Regarding salary expectations, we still see the unfortunate trend that women generally are expecting less in starting salaries than their male counterparts. We were really hoping that this would change but the numbers are showing a different result, with women asking for only about on average 93% of what the men do. The biggest gap we see is among business and engineering students whereas the IT students are very close in closing this gap,” says Karin Johansson, Communcations Manager, at Universum, Sweden.

Below are the most attractive employers per group
For the full list of the Nordic’s most attractive employers, trends and ranking, visit: https://universumglobal.com/nordic2015

The Most Attractive Nordic Employers

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