Auto Manufacturers Compete for Tech

Auto Manufacturers Compete for Tech

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How Auto Manufacturers can Compete with Tech Companies for Top Talent

These days, everything has to be multi-functional — and automobiles are no different. Historically, all cars were expected to do was get you to your destination. Cars are now expected to show you how to get you to your location, answer your phone calls, surf the internet, and let the kids watch videos in the back; the car is now a large consumer device. The functionality demands of consumers for cars will only grow, and the automotive industry will have to respond.
If you are a car maker, you are going to have to step up your talent attraction efforts to meet this demand. You aren’t just competing with other car makers for talent now; you are competing with Silicon Valley, tech startups, and other industries that rely on evolving tech standards. Your company can’t rely on having the best paycheck or benefits, that is not a guarantee that you will secure the talent you need. The best way to attract the talent you need is to focus on your employer branding and figure out how to maximize your HR marketing.

Encourage entrepreneurial thinking

Automotive students are entrepreneurial, creative, and innovative. This is great news for car manufacturer who need creative thinking to expand the functionality of vehicles. But with so many employers saying they are innovative, you need to come up with a way to demonstrate to candidates you actually do prize creativity.You need to show how each business segment, from engineering to marketing to logistics to finance, utilizes entrepreneurial thinking to improve their operations. Consider implementing a work rotation so that new employees can see how each division works and can contribute their new ideas to different parts of the business. If you gain the reputation that you allow people to experiment, a process that Millennials value highly, qualified candidates will flock to your company.

Emphasize work-life balance

Work-life balance is an important factor for top talent — but the problem is that most employers don’t actually understand what this means. These workers are not looking for a job that is 40 hours a week and that will pay them generously for overtime. For top talent (and especially those in the Millennial generation), their job is not just what they do, but it is part of who they are. They won’t begrudge you if they work long hours, so long as that job supplements their self-image and their goals. Therefore, work-life balance is not measured by hours worked but by employee’s personal satisfaction. Your employer branding has to embrace this standard to be successful in hiring.

Choose the right communication channels

Without using the right communication channels, you can have the greatest employer branding in the world and it will not matter. The three most important channels for candidate engagement are your own employment website, social media, and job fairs. The two digital-based channels should focus on the company’s culture. While what your company builds is important, your company’s culture is vital. Your employer branding on your website and social media accounts should convey that you are innovative, have great client relationships, respect people, and that you have the highest ethical standards. These are the most important traits that a job seeker looks for in a leader and in a company. It is much easier to improve a product than to improve a culture.
These tips were taken from Universum’s new e-book Talent Attraction in the Automotive Industry, which you can download here. The book uncovers what university students are looking for in an automotive employer and provides you with actionable steps that you can take to hire the best and the brightest. Universum is an employer branding service provider that can help you meet your staffing needs. If you need any help getting the best and the brightest, contact us now.

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