Automotive Companies are again becoming some of the World’s Most Attractive Employers for Engineers

Automotive Companies are again becoming some of the World’s Most Attractive Employers for Engineers

The automotive industry is moving at a rapid pace towards breakthrough engineering developments in areas such as hybrid technology, autonomous vehicles and communications. Technology is leading the way and engineers are taking notice that traditional tech companies are not the only innovative and competitive players in the engineering fields these days.


Survey: The World’s Most Attractive Employers

Universum, the global leader in employer branding, has released its 2014 rankings of the World’s Most Attractive Employers and the results are clear: the automotive industry is back with a vengeance. The study surveyed 200,000 business and engineering students from leading universities in the twelve largest world economies. The results reveal insights into how the next generation of employees view work, including what they want in their future careers.

Creativity, Professional Development and Innovation Rank High

While Google still tops the list of the most attractive employer for the new generation, the automotive industry has seen an increase in World’s Most Attractive Employers ranking with BMW coming in at number three and Volkswagen at number eleven. Ford and GM ranked at number 13 and 17 respectively, signaling growth in the American automotive industry.

According to the survey, the next generation is looking for a creative and friendly work environment, as well as employers who take the lead on professional training and development. One way that BMW hits the mark with new grads is its Global Leader Development Program. Through this program, BMW provides new engineers with a mentor, opportunity for international work experience and travel, and a clear 18-month path towards a career. The company provides many opportunities and support along the way.

Ford, which is in the middle of its largest hiring initiative in more than ten years, has used social media to spread its message to new engineers. Ford is putting the word out that its company culture is one of creativity and imagination, and that Ford team members will be part of bringing innovative solutions to customers.

Employer Brands Attract Talent

BMW and Ford, as well as other companies ranked on the list, realize that adapting their workplaces to the next generation and presenting their brand effectively is what will attract the best talent.

Because the automotive industry is listening to the engineers of tomorrow, they are today hiring as many, if not more, engineers than the software industry. Automotive companies have been able to gain a competitive edge in the talent market by adapting in order to attract the new generation of employees, who are most definitely taking a different approach to work than their parents.


Petter Nylander - CEO Universum


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