Avoid being a lousy job candidate

Avoid being a lousy job candidate

The deadliest sin – knowing zilch about the job or company you’re going to be interviewed by. Seems like a no brainer, but don’t take it for granted – many candidates, unfortunately, don’t come prepared. More than one and a half believe this is the unforgivable gaff, so let’s communicate that to job-seekers.

Don’t be greedy either because too much talk about money is a put off, says nearly every other second person. Why though? Should a candidate be primarily motivated about the job and not the reward, or? If money isn’t a motivator, why should employees, particularly salespeople, strive to make their employer richer? You tell me.

To top that off, signs of fatigue aren’t appreciated either for every third or so person. Yip, for all job candidates, drink plenty of coffee and make sure you have the fight in you. You don’t want to come across as being bored or tired before you’ve even started the job – seems like another no brainer.

Interestingly, candidates don’t have to worry about being overexcited – due to a caffeine overdose – because gesticulating frantically, being overconfident and speaking excessively, doesn’t seem to bother the most of us.

Top three abominable mistakes for job-seekers:

  1. know zippo about the job or company;
  2. obsessive about getting cash, and
  3. look like you’re going to fall asleep in your chair by yawning too much!

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mistakes by job-seekers

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