More Banking Talent for the Buck

More Banking Talent for the Buck

The convenience of technology creates more demands on businesses, especially in the banking industry. As technological standards continue to improve, customers will demand more immediate access to financial tools and information. While customers might desire improved access, the first priority for businesses and customers alike should be security. It is incredibly difficult to maintain that balance of cutting edge software and security, since new technologies are more vulnerable to attack than old ones, the flaws of which have already been addressed. Your only option in finding that balance is to attract talented tech workers with an outstanding employer brand. The challenge is how to develop a brand that will entice both traditional banking employees and new tech talent.


Finding the right talent for your business in a sea of potential candidates requires building the right employer brand.


The Technical Challenges

The first thing you need to understand are the technical challenges you face at the intersection of technology and banking. Banks are no longer judged by their brick-and-mortar locations, but by their website and online services. It seems like the standard for online experience improves by the day. Of particular importance is online banking and alternative payment solutions. The technical challenges involved in providing these in-demand services are significant and require talented engineers.

The second caveat is based on security. You obviously understand how important it is for your customers’ information to be as secure as possible. However, the applications that customers demand require that their information be disclosed to a variety of different outlets for the services to work. As a result, your customers’ data are necessarily exposed and can be susceptible to a variety of increasingly sophisticated IT security threats.

The Recruitment Challenges

Attracting top tech talent is exactly what the banking industry needs to overcome its myriad and systemic challenges in the coming years. But this is a very difficult task. Banks are not only competing with each other to secure this talent, but with every other industry. And there is a finite pool of talented individuals.

Skilled computer engineers may not desire the same things that traditional banking candidates desire, and many banking candidates do not have the characteristics that you need in this new tech environment. In recent studies, Universum has found that about a quarter of banking students do not desire to be innovative or to obtain technical expertise. These are the very skills your employees need for you to be successful. So adapting your employer brand to reach out beyond the traditional banking candidate is vital.

Employer Branding Lessons

The challenge is to build an employer brand that meets the demands of the tech talent you want while still being enticing to the traditional candidate. So, your brand should do a couple of things. First, to entice the traditional banking candidates, your brand should convey that as an employer:

  • You are financially strong and that you will provide high earnings.
  • You will support their professional development.
  • You will provide a stable work environment and job security.

These factors will be insufficient to gain the tech talent you need. So your employer brand will also need to suggest:

  • That you promote a strong work/life balance.
  • That you encourage personal innovation and professional exploration.

Next Steps

The ideas behind a strong employer brand might be easy to grasp in concept, but building a nuanced brand will be difficult in execution. You should download a copy of Universum’s e-book, which was the basis for all the facts detailed here. Next, you should strongly consider using Universum to help you develop your employer brand.

Universum is a service provider that can help you develop the strongest employer brand possible, allowing you to leverage social media and other online channels that the top job seekers use daily. Their experience and resources can help you find the best talent possible. Please review their banking employer branding e-book today, and consider whether Universum is for you.

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