Best of the Buzz — Week 3

Best of the Buzz — Week 3

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Please find below the top 5 articles of last week:


1. 5 habits of a great recruiter

Here is a list of 5 things most successful recruiters do. How to measure being successful can of course always be discussed, but if you have a proactive approach and are open to new influences you are already ahead of many others. Read more

2. 10 tips when using social media for recruiting

The awareness of the commitment it takes to use social media for recruitment is increasing; nevertheless, there are still a lot of misconceptions and mistakes made. Do you know where to find your audience online? Moreover, do you have interesting and engaging content on your profiles? Read more

3.What is your Employee Value Proposition?

Why would top talent in your industry want to work for you? The answer shouldn´t only be written in words, it should be a part of your company’s culture. New studies show that in the tough job market it’s the culture, and not a high salary, that is important for employees. Read more

4. The onboarding process is becoming digital

An effective onboarding saves the employer a lot of money. New software, mobile apps and social media make the process more technical and transparent. “In many businesses, senior people are being given smartphones before they start, so they can hit the ground running and we expect to see more mobile apps relating to onboarding” says Ann Brown, vice president UK HR Capgemini. Read more

5. HR at IBM

The HR department at IBM has taken a proactive role to drive operational improvement and change how the company is working. The focus is to develop innovative employees and the external branding is closely linked to the internal brand. Read more