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5 Ways in Which Data Driven Campus Recruiting is Key

By Universum on 15/08/2018

The importance of data analytics in campus recruitment

In a world in which companies are continuously searching and fighting for talent’s attention it has become a necessity to find tools and channels to engage constantly with talent. Having a data driven approach to campus recruitment in which data analytics are taken into consideration in each step of this journey is key.

There are 5 key ways in which we at Universum consider that using data can be helpful in driving a successful college recruitment season.

1. Know what your target audiences want from coveted employers

Universum asks students what they are looking for in their next employer. Data driven companies like Universum leverage this information by delivering the analytical wants and needs to help you stand out from the crowd. So first of all you need to gather data that is relevant to the target group you are looking to attract.

2. What attracts students to work for you? Which universities do they study at?

Universum’s student-related data can enable your company to understand which students want to work for you and from which universities. Not all students want to work for the same company, and this differs between university to university. Furthermore, we can analyze what qualities students associate with specific companies. This makes it simple to tailor the message and offer exactly what your target talent wants from you.

3. Tailor your branding to stand out against competitors

Knowing what it is that talent wants from your company should be translated into employer branding that delivers to what students are really asking from your company. Therefore you should deliver the message that they want, but also that is true to what your company is. Also, you need to always make sure that you tailor it so that it is different from your competitors.

4. Track your initiatives

Keeping track of what you are doing is important, and they should be aligned with your business goals and objectives. Therefore it is necesarry to set KPIs (Key Performance Indicators ) that will allow you to continiously measure your efforts and initiatives.

5. Ongoing metrics that allow the fine-tuning of messages and offerings

Having data recollection and KPIs in place will allow you to measure and control what you are doing. Being able to know the performance of your campaigns and most importantly will help you to take actions at the moment to get the best out of the budget and goals you have set in place.
As a result of keeping this 5 key factors in mind you will be on the road to attracting the best talent to your organizational needs and objectives.

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Written by: Carolina Ricaurte & Megan Doyle