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Brazil’s 2020 ranking of Most Attractive Employers

By Universum on 01/06/2020

Sao Paulo, June 1st, 2020

Universum has released its annual ranking of “The Most Attractive Employers of 2020” for young talent in Brazil. Set out to track career aspirations and preferences of the future talent pool, Brazil’s Most Attractive Employers 2020 recognizes the current most coveted employers based solely on the responses collected from the local talent pool.

This year, 34,247 students from 135 different universities across Brazil, participated sharing their opinions and views on their career goals and ideal employers.

Here is the top 10 of Most Attractive Employers in Brazil according to talent in different fields of study:

2Itaú UnibancoMRV EngenhariaMicrosoft
3Banco BradescoGoogleApple
4Banco do BrasilGoverno FederalAmazon
5Governo FederalAmbevNubank

Young talent is thinking of the long-term

The research reveals the wants and needs of the students and what they consider should be the conditions and opportunities offered by potential employers. For 2020, Brazilian young talent chose to have a good reference for their future career as the most important attribute. Conversely, the importance they give to recognizing performance (meritocracy) dropped in the ranking, being replaced by a friendly work environment. This long-term mindset and focus on the future can be the response to a rise of economic crisis and instability in the national outlook.


Business students are adaptable while engineering and IT are problem solvers

When asked for their strongest skills, all students chose responsibility in the first place and teamwork in second. The difference comes in the third place where business students identify more with adaptability, while engineering and IT students recognize themselves as problem solvers.  Conversely, students from every field of study chose time management as the skill they want to improve the most. This is an opportunity for employers to offer training and skills development as a crucial incentive to attract talent.

Gender gap

The average salary expectation for students in Brazil is 4.545 BRL for 2020. However, there are differences depending on the gender. Males expect in average 4.919 BRL while females expect 4.229 BRL, a gap of 14% among genders.

Fintech caught the attention of Brazilian talent

B3 and Grupo XP entered Universum’s ranking last year and already saw impressive results for 2020 escalating several positions in the ranking. B3 went up 18 positions in Business, 22 in Engineering and 2 in IT. Grupo XP went up 9 positions in Business, 21 in Engineering and 39 in IT.

Another newcomer in 2019, Amazon kept the good performance for this year increasing 26 positions in Engineering.

Retail is another industry growing in interest for students. Lojas Americanas went up 30 positions in IT, and Magazine Luiza escalated 35 positions in Business.

Who are the Newcomers?

From the companies joining the Universum ranking for the first time in 2020, these 3 had the best performance:

  • Stone Pagamentos: #47 in IT, #65 in Business
  • SAP: #25 in IT, #78 in Business, and #100 in Engineering
  • Huawei: #22 in IT, #86 in Business, and #76 in Engineering

Talent Insights

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