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EBAx – 4th Free Course added! 

By Universum on 29/08/2023

We are excited to announce the release of the fourth course in our free EBAx course series: ’How to Use Talent Data in Employer Branding’

Using Talent Data to Drive Successful Employer Branding Initiatives

This online course is intended to increase your knowledge and provide you the skills you need to succeed with data-driven strategies, regardless of your level of expertise in the field. It also aims to teach you all you need to know about Data-Driven Employer Branding in a world where data is the key to success.  

Why is this course important? 

The term “Data-Driven Employer Branding” has risen in popularity in the ever changing field of the talent market. Data’s power cannot be understated in today’s highly competitive market, where businesses are constantly racing to attract, recruit, and retain top talent. 

According to our recent Employer Branding NOW 2023 Survey, 88% of organizations either “always” or “frequently” use data for their strategies. This indicates a substantial movement towards data-driven decision-making, and also highlights the fact that if you are not using data to make decisions, you will soon fall behind your competitors.  

Course Highlights: 

In this exciting new course, you’ll dive into a comprehensive lesson plan filled with essential topics that will enhance your understanding and competency in data-driven strategies. 

Understanding Data-Driven Strategies: 

Discover the crucial role of data-driven strategies and understand how important it is for your company to be making data-driven decision. Learn to align your strategies with market trends and gain insights that can transform your brand. 

Using Talent Data: 

Learn how to use talent data to its full potential. By referencing sources such as market analytics, surveys, and industry trends, you’ll gain the power to tailor your branding efforts in alignment with the ever changing preferences of the talent you aim to attract, recruit, and retain.  

Measuring and Adapting Strategies: 

No strategy can be successful without proper measurements in place. Learn how to use this data and talent insights, and how to successfully measure success with specific Key Performance Indicators. Understand how to measure the efficiency of your strategies and make informed decisions based on the latest data insights. By learning to measure, analyze, and adapt, you’ll ensure that your branding strategies remain relevant. 

And Much More! 

If you haven’t taken our first three courses or are unaware of our new, free express courses-  What is EBAx?   

EBAx is new category of express online courses will cover a range of Employer Branding subjects in a condensed and snackable format.   


Which Courses Are Currently Available?   

There are currently three courses available. The first two introduce the overall steps of a talent strategy, while the third one focuses specifically on the topic of EVP localization.   

The first course is the Fundamentals of Talent Strategy: Part 1 – The Foundation.   

Our second course is Fundamentals of Talent Strategy: Part 2 – Implementation.   

The third course is Localizing an Employer Value Proposition.  

Sign up and complete the 4 free courses today! Interested in learning more, and even taking our paid course which dives deeper into the topics? Complete the EBAx express courses today and unlock a discount for the Employer Brand Management Course!  

As always, thank you for your continued support of the Employer Branding Academy. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our offerings or to ask any questions you may have!  

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