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Google is the #1 most attractive employer in the Nordics

By Anna Sjöberg on 10/12/2020

Compiled from the Universum Professional surveys in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. Set out to track career aspirations and preferences of the future talent pool, the Nordics Ideal Employer rankings 2020 reflects the opinions of 38,400 professionals.

Google, Microsoft and Sweco are in the top when professionals reveal their top employers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland 

Compiled from the Universum Professional surveys in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. Set out to track career aspirations and preferences of the future talent pool, the Nordics Ideal Employer rankings 2020 reflects the opinions of 38,489 professionals from the Nordic countries. The 2020 Nordic professional survey was carried out between October 2019 to August 2020. 

Universum’s surveys are answered annually by more than 1.3 million professionals and students, in 60 markets worldwide. This gives us a unique knowledge base and understanding of what talent are looking for and expect from employers.  

What career preferences signifies the four nationalities? 

When asked about their preferences regarding potential employers, professionals in the Nordics prioritize employers that show Respect for its people, have leaders who supports development and offers competitive base salaries as well as high future earnings overall. Swedish and Danish professionals value Work life balance, Inspiring purpose and Inspiring leadership  to a greater extent compared to the rest of the Nordics. In general, there is a higher focus on Reputation & Image related attributes in Sweden and Denmark compared to Norway and Finland. Finnish professionals focus more on Prestige  with regards to Reputation & Image and Norwegian professionals value Corporate Social Responsibility  instead. 


Average satisfaction with current employer and average recommendation of current employer was similar between the Nordic countries. Ranging between 7,14 – 7,53 on a scale of 1-10. Across the Nordics, the average satisfaction and likeliness to recommend the current employer is highest among the IT-sector.  

Changing employer 

When asked if interested in changing employer within the next 6 months, about 20% of all professionals answered “yes”. The Finns are most eager to change employer within a year. Especially within the Business field (24%) as well as in the Engineering field (20%). Among the IT-sector, Danes are most eager to change employer within 6 months (20%), followed by Swedes (19%). Norwegians are least likely to change employers, even when asked within four years, 22% answered “no”, among Business professionals.  

“It is surprising in these uncertain times. Many have had the intention of changing employers even before the pandemic. And now they report that they want the change to take place very soon.” – Claes Peyron, MD Nordics, UK & Ireland 

This means that competition for talent increases, and it is even more important to differentiate and stand out with the right message to the desired target group. 

SALE” on the talent market 

While competition for talent increases, the opportunity for employers to attract their desired target group increases. We now have a large group of top talents who have suddenly become available. 

  • Talented employees whose employers have been forced to give notice.   
  • The laid-off talent group – who are given time to think and realize that they want to change track in life or take the opportunity to pursue a latent career dream.  
  • The 1/5 of all Nordic professionals that are considering new career paths within 6 months and are thus suddenly receptive to communication and open to changes. 
  • People working from home. Which in several cases increases the need for a better work-life-balance and new interests – which can lead to consideration of a new employer with other characteristics or even a new industry. 

To see the full ranking and the latest trends from the survey, download the report here >>