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How to Attract the Best Talent During Career Fair Season

By Universum on 15/08/2018

At Universum, we want to share some vital information for campus recruitment

Campus recruitment is one of the most effective events for attracting the right talent. Some of Universum’s Top 100 Most Attractive Companies such as Deloitte, Proctor and Gamble, and PwC focus primarily on attracting students and graduate talent directly through university recruitment services.

When building your strategy, how do you inspire talent to work for your brand?

There are two key notions when attracting talent through a university: the realization that not every student wants to work for you, and that competition at university career fairs is notoriously high. Your recruitment team should canalize your efforts towards schools whose students already consider you an attractive and ideal employer. How is this possible? Insights into your target student groups will allow your brand to reach talent before you actually step foot on any of your target campuses.

At a university career fair, employers only have approximately 30 seconds to pitch to talent before the students move onto the next competitor. Informing students of your company brand and why they will want to be part of your organization in the future is crucial to attracting talent. How do you catch students’ interest and retain it? Simply, you want to be able to differentiate your offer from the rest of your competitors. This can be done through effective communication strategies in marketing and social media, including defining your employer values internally.

Universum specializes in accumulating and analyzing data to help employers attract and retain talent. We additionally have services activating this data through designing Employer Value Propositions, customized social media content, and effective communication strategies.

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Written by: Carolina Ricaurte & Megan Doyle