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Mexican talent wants to work for these companies in 2020

By Universum on 23/06/2020

Mexico City, June 23rd, 2020

  • Public Sector, Tech and Automotive caught the attention of Mexican young talent
  • Secure employment is increasing in interest
  • Gender gap reached 16%

Universum has released its annual ranking of “The Most Attractive Employers of 2020” for young talent in Mexico. Being carried out for a decade, the independent survey of Universum is aimed to find out in great detail the aspirations and expectations of Mexican talent when it comes to a professional career.

In the 2020 edition, 40,103 students from 166 different universities across Mexico, participated with their perspective of the most important attributes in an ideal employer and a future career.

Here is the top 10 of Most Attractive Employers in Mexico according to talent in different fields of study:

2Walt Disney CompanyMicrosoft
3Gobierno FederalPemex
4Grupo BMV
(Bolsa Mexicana de Valores)
5The Coca-Cola CompanyGobierno Federal
(Comisión Federal de Electricidad)
9NikeBMW Group

Mexican talent looks for stability in 2020

Overall, all the respondents chose to have a secure employment as the second most important attribute for an ideal career, only preceded by professional training and development. Secure employment also saw a high jump in positions when compared to our 2019 results.

This need for stability is very likely to be aligned with the economic uncertainty globally present in 2020. Recent changes in the economic landscape are proving to be influencing young talent until the point to make them reconsider priorities.

Mexican talent wants to work for these companies in 2020

Gender gap

When it comes to salary expectations, women presented the same behavior as last year expecting 16% less than their male counterparts. Mexican female students hope to earn $17.582 MXN for a monthly average, while the expectations for male studentsis $20.946 MXN.

They are strong at adaptability

When asked what their best skills are, Mexican talent chose adaptability in second place along with responsibility in first place and problem solving in third. This comes as good news for both parties in the work environment, as adaptability is one of the most sought after skills by employers in 2020, according to LinkedIn. No doubt this skill comes handy to face unusual scenarios such as work from home and self-management that can become a critical challenge for companies this year.

In a virtual world, employers must innovate to engage the best talent

Mexican talent appreciates when companies take the time to set up an employer booth, recruitment talk or presentation. In a world abruptly turned over virtual spaces, it is vital for employers to innovate in order to find ways to reach talent where they are and engage them with new activities that fully convey their Employer Brand.

Mexican talent wants to work for these companies in 2020

The big winners

Some employers saw impressive results climbing positions in Universum’s 2020 ranking.

  • For Business students, Continental and Grupo Modelo escalated 30 and 19 positions respectively, when compared to the 2019 results.
  • In the case of Engineering and IT students, BBVA joins the group of winners with an increase of 13 positions.

“At BBVA México we have experienced a digital transformation, also in our agile ways of working. To achieve this, it has been essential to have the right talent. We have undertaken multiple actions to attract and retain recently graduated students, incorporating more than 300 young people each year into our programs. One of our target profiles is engineering and technology. When we started this adventure, one of our main challenges was to position ourselves in this segment; we set about creating an exclusive program for them, in which we offered a differentiated experience through the recruitment process that allows them to live what it is like to be working at BBVA. Throughout the program, they can train and develop NextGen technologies, as well as learn about the Agile methodology and actively participate in global projects, for which they have the opportunity to develop the Apps that transform the service we provide to our clients. Without a doubt, BBVA Mexico has taken a great step and the effort is reflected in the fact that today we are valued as one of the most attractive employers for this target. We will continue innovating so that more and more university students aspire to be part of this transformation.”

Ruth Valdés Pombo – Head of Employee Value Proposition, BBVA México   


Among the companies joining Universum ranking for the first time are:

  • H&M (#27 in Business, #70 in Engineering)
  • Liverpool (#31 in Business, #65 in Engineering)
  • Grupo Salinas (#43 in Business, #59 in Engineering)

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