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Mexico’s Most Attractive Employers 2019

By Universum on 18/06/2019

Mexico,  June 18th, 2019.- Universum has released its ranking of “The 100 Most Attractive Employers of 2019” for young talent in Mexico. Universum’s independent survey is designed to gain a detailed understanding of what talent is looking for in a professional career, and an ideal employer, based on a framework of 40 attributes designed by Universum. This year’s findings come from the responses of 40,921 students from 143 universities across the country. Universum, since 2011 has performed this annual study, being this the ninth publication of the ranking. Below are the most attractive companies for young people according to their area of ​​study:

Business and Related Careers:
Google, Walt Disney Company, Federal Government, BMW Group, The Coca-Cola Company, BBVA Bancomer, Aeromexico, Nike, Pemex, and Amazon.

Engineering and Information Technology:
Google, Microsoft (# 3 in 2018 and # 2 in 2019), Pemex, Audi, Volkswagen, Intel, Federal Government, CFE (Federal Electricity Commission), BMW Group and Samsung.

The Big 4

Of course, it is always important to observe how the “Big 4” perform in rankings year-to-year. Universum’s 2019 data reveals a small decline in popularity for all Big 4s, which perhaps reflects a larger trend of decreased attractiveness across the auditing and accounting industry. Below, we have a summary of information on each, more detail available by request or in the full report download:

  • Deloitte: This year Deloitte remains in the top 50 most attractive employers for business students in Mexico. It came in at ranking # 31, a minor 0.05% fall from its #28 position in 2018. Business students this year most associate Deloitte with the attributes of “prestige,” “professional training and development,” and—in a 3-way tie for third place— “sponsorship of future education,” recruiting only the best talent,” and “challenging work.”
  • KPMG: Although this year KPMG slightly decreased in ranking with business students this year, it remains in the top 50. It saw a 0.50% slip, from #43 to #46. This year, KPMG is primarily considered by business students to have the characteristics of “leaders who will support my development,” “leadership opportunities,” and “prestige.”
  • PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers): Coming in at #51 this year, PwC only missed the top 50 by one, but remains strong as a top employer for business students in Mexico. At #51, it fell only 0.37% from #49 last year. The strongest associations business students this year report having for PwC are “inspiring leadership,” “prestige,” and—tied for third–“professional training and development” and “recruiting only the best talent.”
  • EY (Ernst & Young): EY remains a most attractive employer in the top 100 for business students. However, it experienced a slight decrease in its ranking position, moving from #53 to #57, a 0.44% decrease. When asked which traits EY’s employer brand most strongly emanates, business students responded with “prestige,” “challenging work,” and a “clear path for advancement.”

New to the List

Universum is judicious in its selection of new companies to add to its rankings. Each year, a few make the cut. An example is when Amazon was added to the list two years ago, in 2017 and immediately ranked well, and now continues to be a big player (in the top 15 for both business and engineering/IT students.)

Some of the 2019 newcomers to Universum’s rankings include Walt Disney Company, Nike, Grupo BMV (Bolsa Mexicana de Valores), ALFA, Grupo BAL, Grupo Elektra, Grupo CIE, Festo, and Essity.

Of the newcomers, the three that are performing best with business students so far, and the attributes each is most associated with, are:

  • Walt Disney Company: “A creative and dynamic work environment,” “commitment to diversity and inclusion,” “customer focus,” attractive/exciting products and services,” “ethical standards,” “inspiring purpose,” and “a friendly work environment” (all tied at the top)
  • Grupo BMV: “high level of responsibility,” “high-performance focus,” and “recruiting only the best talent”
  • Nike: “attractive/exciting products and services,” “commitment to diversity and inclusion,” and “inspiring purpose”

The three newcomers and the characteristics they’re known most strongly for with engineering/IT students are:

  • Walt Disney Company: “support for gender equality,” “commitment to diversity and inclusion,” “inspiring purpose,” “corporate social responsibility,” “attractive/exciting products and services,” and “a creative and dynamic work environment” (all tied at the top)
  • Nike: “Attractive/exciting products and services,” “inspiring purpose,” and “encouraging work-life balance”
  • Festo: “innovation,” “a creative and dynamic work environment,” and “challenging work”

Industries Gaining Popularity

While various industries saw growth in popularity as employers this year, two that experienced the greatest gains amongst their industry leaders are the banking industry and the automotive industry.

The five top-ranked companies in the banking industry this year for business students are BBVA, Citibanamex, Banorte, HSBC, and Santander. The ones that saw the largest gains in popularity include Citibanamex (up 5 positions at rank #13) and Banorte (up 4 positions at rank #26).

Some of the consistent banking industry leaders are BBVA, Citibanamex, and Banorte. Below are the top 3 attributes, in order, that business students report most associating with each:

  • BBVA: “Performance-related bonus,” “rapid promotion,” and “high level of responsibility”
  • Citibanamex: “Rapid promotion,” “performance-related bonus,” and “customer focus”
  • Banorte: “Rapid promotion,” “customer focus,” and “performance-related focus”

In the automotive industry, the five top-ranked companies for engineering/IT students in 2019 are Audi, Volkswagen, BMW Group, General Motors, and Ford Motor Company. The automotive companies that climbed most considerably this year, however, are Mazda (up 2 positions at rank #25) and Honda (up 2 positions at rank #27).

Some of the consistent automotive industry leaders are Audi, Volkswagen, and BMW group. Below are the top 3 attributes, in order, that engineering/IT students report most associating with each:

  • Audi: “Prestige,” “competitive benefits,” and “opportunities for international travel/relocation”
  • Volkswagen: “Performance-related bonus,” “leadership opportunities,” and a “clear path for advancement”
  • BMW Group: “Prestige,” “innovation,” and “high future earnings”

What Students Want Most This Year

This year’s data reveals some fundamental shifts in company characteristics students place the most importance on when selecting an employer. Most notably, a “clear path for advancement” increased by more than 25 positions for both business and engineering/IT students. Both fields of study also reported a stronger inclination toward employers with “flexible working conditions” than in past years.

Overall, the top 10 preferred employer attributes of students in business and engineering fields are as follows:

Because a “clear path for advancement” increased so significantly in importance for both business and engineering/IT students this year, it is insightful to see which companies have been successful so far at communicating that trait to prospective employees. Business students are reporting that they see a “clear path for advancement” most notably at Oracle, Siemens, Google, Ternium, and McKinsey & Company. Engineering/IT students most associate it with PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Schlumberger, McKinsey & Company, and MetLife.

The companies associated with the highest preferred attribute, “professional training and development” for business students include Accenture, Mexichem, Grupo CIE, Deloitte, and McKinsey & Company. For engineering/IT students, those companies most associated with “professional training and development” are GSK (GlaxoSmithKline), McKinsey & Company, Grupo BAL, Merck, and Google.

Another preferred attribute seen in the top 3 for both business and Engineering/IT students is “leadership opportunities.” Business students most associate the companies Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Siemens, Continental Tire, Accenture, and McKinsey & Company with this trait. For engineering/IT students, KPMG, Accenture, Mars, Groupe Renault, and PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) are considered best for “leadership opportunities.”

Other Insights

Universum’s 2019 report provides various other current insights about Mexico’s young talent, including category segments by gender, generational differences, and similarities between Millennials and Gen Z, salary expectations, and most used communication channels regarding job search.

To give an example:

  • This year’s business students are expecting an average monthly salary of 20,246 MXN and engineering/IT students are expecting an average monthly salary of 21,977, while their natural sciences counterparts are expecting 18,571 monthly. When analyzing each of these by gender in the full report, even more significant disparities are seen.

Click here to download Universum’s Full 2019 Mexico report

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