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New Employer Branding Advisor & Country Manager South Africa

By Alessandro Salutari on 26/04/2021

Universum Global is pleased to inform you that the Southern Africa region will be from now onwards a focal point of its strategic operations. South Africa is in fact one of the most relevant countries participating in the world’s largest, most comprehensive and independent career related study – the Universum Talent Survey. Last year, more than 46.000 students, from 27 Universities across the South African country and 20.000 professionals have told us which employers they prefer to work for, what their expectations regarding future employers are, and their preferences regarding future workplaces. This year’s data will be published in June 2021.

Universum Global and its Managing Director EMEA Karl-Johan Hasselström are therefore delighted to announce Pabi Mogosetsi as the new Employer Branding Advisor and Country Manager for South Africa.

With several years of experience in supporting different companies’ growth by identifying what makes them special, Pabi has been part of various industries that have honed her understanding and passion for brand management. She believes that most organisations have to reassess their business functions as living organisms: “Companies grow, change, and evolve just like their candidates. To be a step ahead of talents, Employer Branding efforts are therefore of crucial importance“. To better understand how Pabi is planning to shed light on Employer Branding practices, and what her future plans for South Africa are, she answered a few questions:

What are you planning on achieving in the South African region?

“Within the next few months, I will aim to expand the art of Employer Branding throughout the Southern African market, by growing the footprint of EB knowledge through Universum. Just like the broad strokes and different applications connect in an art piece; I believe in relationships being the key to unlocking most of the hidden markets and understanding how to assist talent to connect to them in an effortless and transparent way.”

How has the pandemic impacted Employer Branding practices?

“Employer Branding keeps evolving as talents change, and the best way to understand the talent market is to discover where their needs lie. We have all seen how much the world can change in a year and how ideas and ideals can be shifted. Change is constant, and measurable insights and data are the main solution to understand what is needed to succeed, grow, learn and move forward.”

Why did you choose Universum to achieve these goals? 

“Being part of a ‘glocal’ team supporting me both locally and globally will allow me to always find and deliver data-led turnkey (A-Z) local solutions catered and tailored to clients’ needs and strategies. We are in a vibrant, exciting time of transformation and there are many surprises that are coming that will hopefully tantalise and disrupt the market in a fantastic sense.”

For any question related to your company or to your region, please reach out to Pabi at, +2766 386 4270 or connect with her on LinkedIn.