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Smart Recruitment Marketing: Interview

By Gloria Csiszer on 01/08/2022

Did you know that at Universum, while we are well-known for our annual talent survey, we have also reached more than 25 million unique talent in 126 countries in the last 12 months through highly targeted social media campaigns for our clients headquartered in the EMEA region? 

We do Recruitment Marketing based on data 

That’s right.

The above are Meta-owned platform (Facebook and Instagram) numbers only. Of course, we also run campaigns on LinkedIn, Snapchat, Reddit, Google Ads, and TikTok, to name but a few. The key? Combining unique talent attributes, exciting content, and special targeting measures.

We are sharing these numbers with you, because our dedicated team here at Universum, has been working tirelessly at building, optimising, and reporting on client campaigns while improving even further in 2022 by reaching 10% more talent than in the same period last year.  

All while Meta has more than 3 million active advertisers (Earthweb Statistics, 2022), all fighting for your target groups’ attention! 

We call this dedicated team that is in charge of the smart recruitment marketing campaigns, the Activation team.

They’re the ones crafting beautiful employer brands and bringing them to life, and advising ??????? 500 companies about their next moved on social media. 

While we cannot wait to see what 2022 and the next years have in store for us, we decided to present you some of the team members.

Kerstin Tscherring, the Global Delivery Product Manager interviewed her closest working colleague. 

Let us introduce you to one of our Activation EMEA Superstars, Valeriia Madudina ⭐ 

Valeriia joined Universum as a Digital Marketing Specialist about a year ago and has since run a multitude of successful campaigns for our global clients, reaching millions of talent worldwide. She ensures she stays on track with the latest social media trends, which are evolving at lightning speed. Kerstin sat down with her to talk about the secret to her success. 

Common recruitment marketing challenge

All of the companies – big or small – we work with are unique. Do they have a common challenge when it comes to recruitment marketing?

Despite the fact that we work with clients in completely different niches, and it would seem that they have very little in common, they are all united by one goal: to attract the right talent using the right social media channels. 

What makes an Employer Brand stand out?

Millions of people use social media daily for completely different purposes: entertainment, shopping, chatting with friends, looking for a job, and so on. It is important to understand that the competition for attention is huge, so use the right mix of ad channels, ad formats, as well as a direct message that will be clear to your audience from the beginning. 

What has been your biggest learning so far?

Working in digital marketing will never bore you! To deliver the best results, we need to regularly monitor trends, interact with advertising platforms, test different creatives and strategies, analyse results, study the psychological portrait of the target audience, and much more – all these things give me a lot of energy! 

Work aside – please tell us something that makes uniquely you.

I love personal development and I always seek new ways to improve non-work-related skills in my spare time. Currently, I am studying Swedish. 

We would happily help you discover our Social Media Campaigning capabilities and would love to learn more about what you are planning in terms of Employer Branding Activation, this year and beyond. We’re looking forward to further improve our recruitment marketing tactics for your company’s need. Please get in touch! 

Employer Brand Communication

Do you need to improve your Employer Branding content?

Using a data-driven approach coupled with our unique talent targeting method, Universum help employers develop and communicate relevant and engaging employer brand content.