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The Global Partner Network by Universum, 2nd edition.

By Universum on 21/12/2022

On 1 December 2022, the Partner Relations team at Universum hosted the second Global Partner Network event.   

Over 150 representatives from more than 28 countries registered for the virtual event. The theme of this event was The Landscape of Employability Transformation. During this 2.5-hour session, Career Service partners from different universities around the world shared best practices regarding the topic of employability.  

The event was aimed at bringing Universum’s university partners from different parts of the world together. After many years of working with universities and organisations across the globe, we have been able to see the great insights and value-add that could be shared between everyone involved through an event like this. The Universum Global Partner Network aimed to increase collaboration and insight sharing in the world of education and career readiness for students and young professionals.  

While the Global Partner Network extends into different initiatives throughout the year, its main event takes place annually. We are truly looking forward to many more Partner Network events and initiatives in 2023!   

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