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This is what Mexican talent wants in 2021

By on 22/07/2021

Mexico City, July 22nd, 2021

  • Netflix and Zara enter Universum Ranking, while interest in the Federal Government declines.
  • 86% of students are interested in remote work, one of the highest rates of the surveyed markets in the world.
  • 37% of young talent identifies as “Globe-Trotter” due to their interest in finding opportunities to work abroad.

Universum has released its annual ranking of “The Most Attractive Employers of 2021” for young talent in Mexico. Being carried out for a decade, the independent survey of Universum is aimed to find out in great detail the aspirations and expectations of Mexican talent when it comes to a professional career.

For this 2021 edition, 50,583 students from 165 universities in Mexico were consulted about their perceptions and perspectives about the most important attributes of an ideal employer.

According to the results for Business students, Netflix (position 7) and Zara (position 27) entered the ranking of companies where young people want to work. Meanwhile, Google remains in first place, followed by Amazon which rose to second place and BBVA which rose to third. For their part, the Federal Government and the Walt Disney Company fell in position, ranking fourth and fifth, respectively.

An important point about the results of this study is that 86% of the people surveyed are interested in telecommuting, which represents one of the highest percentages of all surveyed markets in the world. “We see that Mexican students are not as concerned about social isolation as it happens to students located in other countries, which could be because they have very strong family and social networks,” explained Laura Jaramillo, Latam director fo Universum.

Regarding the results obtained on remote work, 38% said they were concerned about the remote induction process, which might not be effective. 32% are concerned that they may have a lower salary if they work remotely, 31% are concerned about isolation or lose social contact with co-workers and 30% are worried to being left out of meetings or important initiatives at work.

Here is the top 10 of Most Attractive Employers in Mexico according to talent in different fields of study:

2Walt Disney CompanyMicrosoft
4Gobierno FederalAudi
5Walt Disney CompanyCFE
(Comisión Federal de Electricidad)
Grupo BMV (Bolsa Mexicana de Valores)
8AmazonGobierno Federal
9NikeBMW Group

Mexican talent looks for training in 2021

Among the main preferences of the respondents, professional training and development remains in the first place. Meanwhile, secure employment ranked second. “We highlight the importance of job stability influenced by the impact of Covid-19, since while in 2019 it did not appear in the top 10, in 2020 it reached second place,” explained Jaramillo.

Also among the preferences are good references for the professional future, high future salary earnings and opportunities to travel or work abroad. This year, the inclusion in the top 10 of the attribute of the creative and dynamic work environment is particularly noteworthy.

Career profiles

37% of Business students identify themselves as “Globe-Trotter” defined as people with a great interest in having opportunities to work or have professional experiences abroad. For Laura Jaramillo, director in Latin America for Universum, “this is very common in Latin America where students are interested in seeking foreign opportunities.” The study developed by Universum has identified five key professional profiles to refer to when hiring and retaining talent. These profiles are: Globe-Trotter, Go-Getter, Ground-Breaker, Change-Maker, Balance-Seeker

Gender pay gap reached 18%

The average salary expectation is $ 19,819 MXN per month in 2021, a figure that in 2020 was 19,080 MXN per month. “Although there was a slight increase compared to last year, the expectation is still lower than in 2019, which could be connected with the global economic uncertainty due to Covid-19,” explained Jaramillo.

Likewise, it is important to highlight that in this salary expectation there is also a gender gap. Men expect an average of $ 22,171 MXN while women expect $ 18,241 MXN, which means that female students expect to earn 18% less than male students.

Among what is most attractive to women and men, the results of the study show that female students consider attributes related to equity, inclusion, corporate social responsibility and ethical standards to be more important compared to students who are more interested in the attributes related to the incorporation of new technologies, high performance, innovation and prestige.

The big winners

Some employers saw impressive results climbing positions in Universum’s 2020 ranking.

  • For Business and Engineering/IT students, Pfizer had impressive gains escalating 45 and 47 positions respectively, when compared to the 2020 results.
  • Arca Continental escalated 17 positions among Business students.
  • In the case of Engineering/ IT students, Walmart climbed of 16 positions.


Among the companies joining Universum ranking for the first time are:

  • Zara (#27 in Business)
  • Netflix (#7 in Business, #21 in Engineering)

2021 Universum Latam Awards

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  • Main findings of 2021 Universum Talent Survey in LatAm.
  • Changes in talent’s preferences due to Covid-19.
  • Interviews with leading employers in the region, recommendations and best practices.
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