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Top 5 Most Popular eBooks and Webinars in 2021

By Universum on 17/12/2021

This year we have continued to share our data and research with HR and talent acquisition professionals around the world through our eBooks and webinars. 

Below we have included the list of top 5 most popular pieces of content in 2021. 

eBook: Employer Branding NOW 2021 

May saw the release of our very popular Employer Branding Now. Now in its seventh year, we once again put a finger on the pulse of Employer Branding on a global level to find out how employers are reevaluating their deal with talent. This year’s report includes: 

  • The latest Employer Branding trends worth watching 
  • The current state of employer branding strategies   
  • EVP trends around the world   
  • And much more! 

Download the eBook here!

eBook: Building a Social Employer Brand 

Our teams and departments across the globe joined forces and came up with six tips and tricks to assist employers with their social media efforts to showcase employer brands via online channels. The topics and subjects covered in this free eBook include: 

  • Identifying the right audience segments 
  • Using Employer Branding for virtual events 
  • Translating your EVP into a Social Employer Brand 
  • Tweaking the content for each platform 
  • Creating content for a remote world 
  • Developing a global strategy with local content 

Download the eBook here!

eBook: WMAE 2021 

In October we had yet more reasons to celebrate, after we launched our 13th annual World’s Most Attractive Employer’s Ranking. It’s incredible to see how popular our WMAE ranking has become over the last decade, and this year was no different with more people downloading our global report than ever before. This year’s report includes: 

  • Key Findings  
  • World’s Most Attractive Employers: Rankings  
  • Study Details and Breakdowns by Field of Study and Gender  
  • The Decline in Global Careers  
  • Hybrid Work for young talent  
  • Preferred Industries and Most Desired Employer Attributes for Business, Engineering and IT Talent  

Download the eBook here!

Webinar: The Future of Work Roundtable with Ericsson, Novartis and Salesforce 

This year the “Hybrid Model” was at the front of mind for everyone in Employer Branding and talent acquisition. To find out what it looked like in action we sought out the expertise of three world-renowned employers and leaders in their industries. During the one-hour session we covered a range of topics including:  

  • How to maintain and strengthen your company culture    
  • ​​​​​​The risks associated with innovation loss and the Hybrid Model and how to overcome them  
  • ​​​​​​How to keep track of employee engagement  
  • ​How to address different local market situations, regulations and contexts  

Watch the webinar here!

Student and Professional Rankings 

Once again, this year saw over 1 million students and young professionals voiced their opinions through our annual Talent Survey, which has allowed us to continue to provide our incredible clients with the insights they need to shape the work forces of tomorrow and expand on their offerings to talent.  

We have already begun collecting data for our 2022. Stay tuned next year for next year’s ranking and if you missed any they can all be found here!