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Universum and DHI release Employer Branding Now 2017

By Universum on 16/08/2017

Larger Companies More Likely to Consider Employer Branding a Top Priority in 2017

Universum Global and DHI Group, Inc. release key findings from employer branding study, including mobile shifts and strong focus on imagery from employers of all sizes.
Stockholm, Sweden – August 16, 2017 –Today Universum Global, leaders in employer branding, and DHI Group, Inc. (NYSE: DHX), a leading online careers resource and talent acquisition platform for technology professionals and other select professional communities, released its annual Employer Branding Now report which surveyed nearly 2,500 HR managers, marketing managers, talent acquisition, recruiting and resourcing managers from 50 different countries.
This comprehensive look at the way talent acquisition managers view employer branding shows employer branding has changed over the past year and compares benchmarks from small to enterprise companies.

“Employer branding has moved on considerably over the last 12 months with significantly more companies defining an employer value proposition, a continued shift in investment to social media marketing, and a far greater emphasis on employee generated content, advocacy and referral than last year” Said Universum’s Global Head of Strategy, Richard Mosley.
“The market to attract talent has become increasingly difficult over the years as professionals, particularly those in tech, choose companies not just based on compensation, but on work/life balance, career growth opportunities and environment. Successful employers recognize employment branding as a critical part of the recruitment process as it’s often a company’s first opportunity to show value to candidates,” said Michael Durney, President and CEO of DHI Group, Inc.

The study also compares the companies against the World’s Most Attractive Employers (WMAE), which surveys candidates and students globally to learn which companies are of interest and why.
The survey asked if talent acquisition managers in these organizations planned to develop & implement employer brand strategies and who will be responsible within the organizational board to carry out these plans. The findings concluded that 84% of WMAE’s have developed an Employer Value Proposition (EVP), while only 67% of Large, 55% of Medium and 30% of Small have developed an EVP.
While the Universum and DHI Group study found employers of all sizes are starting to invest in their employer brand by creating strategies to become attractive to a greater pool of talent, larger companies are more likely to consider employer branding as a top priority. The percentage of employers surveyed with employer branding strategies already in place:

  • World’s Most Attractive Employers: 68%
  • Large: 61%
  • Medium: 49%
  • Small: 37%

The idea of creating an effective employer brand remains pertinent for businesses of all sizes, but the importance placed on the Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and Employer Brand Guidelines or lack thereof is what’s setting WMAEs apart from the rest.

  • 84% of WMAE’s have developed an EVP, while only 67% of Large, 55% of Medium and 30% of Small have developed an EVP.
  • WMAEs and non-WMAEs agree their EVP is clearly linked to aspects like corporate mission and vision, core values, HR/talent strategy and more.
  • The larger the company, the more likely employer branding is considered to be a top priority or at least one of the top priorities within HR/talent management priorities for the coming year.
  • Companies more likely to prioritize employer branding also have guidelines or more affinity to develop guidelines in the future.

The differences in how WMAEs and non-WMAEs are implementing employer branding initiatives is telling. When evaluating the channels companies use to build employer brand reputation with students, social media leads the way for WMAEs and companies of all size. The exception is medium sized companies who place their own websites as the top channel to build employer reputation, followed by social media.
Employer branding budget spend changes from 2016 to 2017 show a heavier reliance on social media, referral and digital channels while traditional media outlets continue to decline. Of particular note, all sizes of companies surveyed showed a strong increase in spend and effort on visual channels like YouTube and Instagram in 2017.

Top 5 Channels Increasing in Spend for 2017:

  • Social Networks
  • Employee Referral
  • Digital Advertising
  • Employer/ Career Site
  • Professional Networks

Top 5 Channels Decreasing in Spend for 2017:

  • General Print Advertising
  • 3rd Party Recruiters
  • Direct Mailings
  • Student Publications
  • Events

A study and breakdown by industry will be released at a later date. Read more about employer branding and what matters to incoming employees from Universum Global’s 2017 Talent Survey results to shape your employer brand.
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