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Universum Releases 2017 U.S. Talent Survey Data

By Universum on 27/04/2017

New York, NY — April 28, 2017 — Between October 2016 and February of 2017, Universum Global conducted their annual talent survey with a sample size of 81,102 U.S. students. Half of the students surveyed said being dedicated to a good cause is a long-term goal in their careers.

Out of 40 attributes, the most desired characteristic in employers remains being able to inspire purpose in employee’s work. Soon-to-be employees are looking for job security as both short-term and long-term goals, work/life balance, and offices with 1,000 employees or less in potential employers.

The survey is one of the largest of its kind and employers report its findings are crucial to determining their employer brand priorities on an annual basis. The response rates were from students majoring in business (26,809), humanities/liberal arts/education (22,082), natural sciences (16,274), engineering (11,434), and computer science (4,503).

One key finding was the attractiveness of SMBs (small- to medium-sized businesses) to students globally.

“Student’s biggest fear is to ‘not fit into’ the culture and way of working. They see their possibilities to influence as bigger in smaller and medium-sized companies,” said Jonna Sjövall (@SjovallJ), Senior Vice President of Talent Strategy and Employer Branding at Universum.

Results are divided by industry and graduation year, as these outcomes varied significantly. Seniors graduating in 2017 are a mixed class between Millennials and Gen Z, focusing on leadership opportunities and professional training as their highest attributes.

Gen Z, (defined as freshman classes projected to graduate in 2021), value flexibility and innovation and are less focused on leadership positions unlike their upperclassmen, who retain the defining characteristics of their generation, Millennials. This is a key fact for employers to note, as they once again shift their employer branding efforts to target a new generation.

“They [employers] have all been very good at targeting seniors and building their campus strategies. Now it’s time to conquer a new generation and excite them about the opportunities these firms have to offer,” Sjövall said.

Google has long dominated the Universum Global Talent Surveys, coming out on top this year among business majors for gender equality, flexibility, innovation, and competitive benefits. However, results from the 2017 survey do show Google moving down in ranks from 2 to 4 on most attractive workplaces overall. Companies moving above Google in survey ranks include Tesla and SpaceX for their association with innovative business practices and high-performance work environments.

“This really shows that inspiring and purposeful organizations will be able to attract top talent. It is not only about the paycheck, but about a possibility to be part of something bigger than themselves,” Sjövall said.

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