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Universum releases its first Taiwan student rankings

By Universum on 03/07/2020

Taiwan’s future workforce see Google as the most attractive employer

Taiwan, 1st July 2020 – Today, Universum launches the findings from the Taiwan portion of its annual global talent survey, having collected the opinions of over 3,000 students from Taiwan’s leading universities. Set out to track the career aspirations and preferences of Taiwan’s emerging talent pool, the IDEAL Employer survey also recognises the most coveted employers based solely on the responses collected. 

This year, Google has emerged as the most ideal employer for Taiwan’s business, engineering and IT, and natural sciences students. Local champion TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) follows Google among engineering and natural sciences students respectively as the second most attractive employer. 

Dora Kuo, regional client partner & employer branding advisor for Universum APAC said “ “In Taiwan, we see that STEM talent share a lot on common with their international peers, such as being highly attracted to employers who have a vibrant culture and who excel in training and developing their workforce. Google is a great example of such an employer who’s been able to create and, importantly, communicate such a workplace culture. On the other hand, highly rated employers like TSMC leverage more on their prestigious reputation and the expectations this bring with things like pay and benefits. These points of difference are why it’s so important for employers to truly understand their brand and hone their messaging – if not, they will soon struggle to attract the best and brightest in today’s ultracompetitive talent market.”

Most Preferred Industries

To better understand the desires and preferences of graduates, they were asked which industries they most prefer to work in after graduation. 40% of business and commerce students chose marketing, advertising and PR as their most preferred industry. 42% of natural sciences students selected pharmaceutical and biotechnology as their most preferred destination of employment. 

Unlike in most other regional and global markets, the banking industry was not within the top five preferred industries in most fields of studies. Students in the study expressed that they perceive a career in banking to be highly stressful and low on work/life balance.   

Annual salary expectations

Among the young talent surveyed, natural sciences students have the highest salary expectation. They report an expected yearly salary of 551,018 TWD, while business students expect significantly less at just 456,930 TWD. Engineering and IT students expect 548 824 TWD. Comparing to the average yearly salary earned by a business graduate, the salary expectations among business students could still be considered optimistic. In other regional markets, such as Singapore and Hong Kong, business talent expect to earn a similar salary to their STEM counterparts. 

The data also shows that, in Taiwan, male students expect to earn 15% more in entry salary than their female counterparts. This suggests that far more intervention from employers is required in order to achieve pay equality. 

Taiwanese talent feel that their communications skills need to improve. 

When asked about the skill students want to improve the most, communication was unanimously the most flagged. Talent who see themselves as skilled and confident communicators seem scarce and, for employers who prioritise these skills, it could be challenging to identify and hire to meet this need. The survey also reveals business, engineering and IT, and natural sciences students believe their strongest skills are responsibility, adaptability and positive attitude. 

How employers should communicate with their future workforce

The survey asked students about the communication channels they use to learn about potential employers and how they make decisions as to who they are going to apply for. From the survey, it shows the most used online channels are the employer’s corporate website, followed by and the employer’s career website. When it comes to topics that attract their attention, they consider topics that focus on remuneration and benefits (66%), training and development (65%) and diversity and inclusiveness (56%) as the most influential themes. Globally, diversity and inclusion has risen to the top of many employers’ agenda and this finding clearly shows Taiwanese students are drawn towards companies who embrace this.  

The Top 10 IDEAL Employers among Business/Commerce, Engineering/ IT students are as follows:

Business/Commerce                                                                   Engineering/ IT  

RankEmployer Name RankEmployer Name
1Google 1Google
2Apple 2TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company)
3The Eslite Spectrum Corporation 3Apple
4EVA Air 4Microsoft
5LINE Corporation 5MediaTek
6China Airlines 6Industrial Technology Research Institute
8Shopee 8LINE Corporation
9L’Oréal Group 9Foxconn
10Microsoft 10IBM

Data Insights

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