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US’s Most Attractive Employers 2019

By Universum on 04/06/2019

New York, June 4th, 2019 – Universum has released its 2019 United States research on young talent employer preferences and ideal employers. The report is based on the firm’s annual survey of students and young professionals from leading colleges and universities across the country. This year Universum’s data is based on responses from over 53,237 students from 218 universities and 151 areas of study.  Universum’s report also includes Ideal Employer rankings, segmented by field of study.

With a strong representation of students from all fields of study, most notably Business, Engineering, and Computer Science, and a 77% increase in Ivy League participants, Universum’s report offers valuable insights into young talent’s employer attribute preferences, compensation expectations, career aspirations, and more.  Findings from this data allow employers to understand in which ways they’re succeeding in graduate recruitment and retention and how to progress proactively and cater to the changing preferences of their future workforce.[/vc_column_text]


2019 Business Students Trends

The top 30 business rankings show a mix of financial services, professional services, tech, strong consumer brands and a couple of government agencies. Google still keeps the number one position but loses almost 2 percentage points in popularity. J.P. Morgan, on the other hand, has gained 4 positions and took the second spot in the rankings. In terms of career goals, students are now seeking for companies that offer work/life balance, stable employment and leadership opportunities to grow within the companies. While the FMCG and retail industry is losing attractiveness for business students, we see newcomers such as Spotify and Buzzfeed making it to the Top 30 rankings as they embrace the new generation and their preferences.

“We’ve broadened our outreach and student engagement significantly over the past year, and we’ve amplified our internship experience. Interns take on meaningful projects and have a range of opportunities to learn from Spotifiers across all levels, including regular companywide Q&As with our CEO and other senior executives. Concerts and artist visits to the office don’t hurt either”, said Robert Käck the Global Culture Director at Spotify, which is now ranked #14 in the Top 100 Rankings.

USA 2019 Business Rankings Top 5:

  1. Google (Rank #1 in 2018)
  2. JP Morgan (Rank #6 in 2018)
  3. Amazon (Rank #3 in 2018)
  4. Apple (Rank #4 in 2018)
  5. Goldman Sachs (Rank #9 in 2018)


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2019 Engineering Trends

Engineering top 30 rankings are most heavily dominated by public sector/government employers, aerospace and automotive companies. While innovation happens to be the key driver for employer attractiveness for these students, this talent is also in pursuit of companies that offer high future earnings and a creative and dynamic work environment. As a result, employers such as Space X, ExxonMobil, and Intel are fairly gaining in attractiveness for the students, while the public sector and governmental agencies are struggling in appeal this year. These engineering students share their career goals and aspirations with the business students as they seek work/life balance and job stability. But in addition, they are highly influenced by employers that are able to offer them meaningful opportunities that make them feel dedicated to a cause.

USA 2019 Engineering Rankings Top 5:

  1. Space X (Rank #3 in 2018)
  2. Tesla (Rank #2 in 2018)
  3. Google (Rank #4 in 2018)
  4. Boeing (Rank #5 in 2018)
  5. NASA (Rank #1 in 2018)


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2019 Computer Science Trends

Even as many tech giants compete to recruit the same pool of computer science graduates across the country, Google and Microsoft are the top 2 companies they want to work for, staying consistent with previous years. When asked about their top preferences while assessing their future employers, students chose high future earnings as the most sought-after attribute, followed by professional training and development. Interestingly, computer science talent wants to work for purposeful companies that make them feel that they are serving a greater good. Consequently, certain high-tech focused companies such as Spotify, Netflix with strong company cultures, have appealed more to this target group this year than last year’s participants.

This year’s survey also shows that salary expectations for computer science students are much higher than those of business and engineering.

USA 2019 Computer Science Rankings Top 5:

  1. Google (Rank #1 in 2018)
  2. Microsoft (Rank #2 in 2018)
  3. Apple (Rank #4 in 2018)
  4. Amazon (Rank #3 in 2018)
  5. Facebook (Rank #5 in 2018)


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Click here to download the full ranking and find out more about the most current career goals and preferences of US talent


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