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WMAE: The Trailblazers of Employer Branding

By Universum on 29/08/2017

There are always going to be those employers who excel when it comes to attracting the attention of skilled talent, newly graduated or experienced.

Every year we compile a list of those organizations as well as study their employer branding decisions and strategies to better understand what is driving that attraction. We call them the World’s Most Attractive Employers (WMAE). These companies rank in the top 90% of employers within at least six out of the 12 largest economies in the world, weighted by GDP.

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Clearing the Employer Branding Path

The WMAE are not only writing the rules of employer branding, they’re constantly adjusting them. While that might seem overwhelming for both time and finances, it is what is at the heart of WMAE employer branding strategy that keeps pushing the needle. Best practices are key in any strategic initiative. For employers to market their organization to candidates like the WMAE, they must include some basic elements.

1. An EVP that Resonates: 84% of the WMAE have an EVP and of those employers:

  • 79% say it is directly linked to their corporate vision/mission
  • 72% say it is directly linked to their core values and their HR/talent strategy
  • 61% say it is directly linked to their overall business strategy

2. Candidate Segmentation: The WMAE have a unique understanding of the employees who will get their organization working at top productivity while supplying necessary innovation. In other words, the WMAE know who their target candidates are in ways that surpass linking a job title to job position qualifications.

  • 60% of the WMAE have developed target profiles for a number of key talent segments
  • 25% of the WMAE have developed one overall target profile to apply to all potential candidates

3. Targeted Communications: The WMAE understand that employer branding requires unique communications, highly focused on the key talent with which they’re aiming to attract.

  • 58% of the WMAE have developed different campaigns for graduates and experienced hires
  • 40% of the WMAE tailor communications to different functions/job families
  • 31% of the WMAE tailor communications to different countries (30% to different regions)

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World Class Combination

The WMAE understand balance between tailored communication and consistency of brand. Though there should be a specific voice and style taken across different audiences, the company’s unwavering mission/values should be at the center of all decisions. In fact, 49% of the WMAE focus on maintaining as much consistency as possible across all target groups.
That’s why forming an EVP with the foundation of the organization is as pivotal as defining targeted candidates. With both those elements, organizations can find the right combination of attracting the right candidate for the role and culture.