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Women in Tech: What you need to know to attract and retain them

By Universum on 08/03/2019

Recruiting women into the tech industry continues to be a weak spot for many organizations even as they have taken significant steps to attract more female employees. To successfully attract and retain female tech talent, employers need to understand the aspirations of the women they hope to recruit. By understanding what women in tech want in their careers, employers are better equipped to foster a culture that encourages women to pursue opportunities with them. A recent study by Universum shows the top five career goals for women in tech.

  1. Work/Life Balance

While this is not unique to women or tech, it is indicative of the pervasiveness of the shifting employee priorities occurring on a larger scale in the US. Women also have more unique work/life balance concerns than men. More often than not, they take into consideration a company’s policies and benefits regarding issues like maternity leave and flexibility for working mothers.

  1. Security and Peace of Mind

As women have become more emboldened to voice concerns about workplace inequality, employers that foster a supportive work environment have become more attractive. Companies must create internal cultures that provide this security for women in tech to appeal to them both short term and long term.

  1. Personal Value Alignment

Working for a company that aligns with one’s values is another growing trend that women in tech are reaffirming. Employers that successfully align company values with the standards of the women they hope to recruit are better positioned to win talent. This is a huge opportunity for employers to differentiate themselves to potential employees through the stances they take and the authenticity of their actions.

  1. Opportunity for Growth

It makes sense that the women dedicated to establishing a presence in a traditionally male industry have a thirst for intellectual challenges and competition. While it is unfortunate that women are likely to feel increased pressure to prove their competence, employers that provide opportunities for their female employees to take on more responsibility are more likely to retain them.

  1. Cultivation of Ingenuity

We live in the era of innovation and entrepreneurship. Even with the inequalities that still exist, there are more female entrepreneurs and executives than ever before.  Women in tech are craving the opportunity to flex their ingenuity muscles. Some companies are responding to this by launching initiatives like incubators that encourage individual exploration and creativity. Such programs increase employees’ morale and sense of fulfilment by showing them their company or potential company values their unique visions.

How or whether employers nurture these career objectives could prove decisive regarding their future success of attracting and retaining female tech talent. The data in this article was pulled from comprehensive 2018 employer branding research conducted by Universum.

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