How to Boost Your Employer Brand and Become a Talent Magnet like Google

How to Boost Your Employer Brand and Become a Talent Magnet like Google

Future graduate expectations are changing fast across economies and employment markets which is obvious when looking at the data from this year’s World’s Most Attractive Employers survey. When planning employer brand campaigns to gain a competitive edge, it’s imperative to take into account the career goals and expectations of the target candidate market.
Google has repeatedly topped the charts on our rankings, securing it for both Engineering and Business students for World’s Most Attractive. There are many reasons for Google’s reoccurring presence at the top, as they know it takes more than a good brand name to continue to attract the best. They put work into their brand and culture which in turn has affected talent’s expectations of working for companies like Google.

On Using Current Employees and Social Media for Employer ReputationTwo Young Business People Talking to Each Other

You can tap into the great potential of those already on the payroll to reach out to target candidates. Google also displays photographs of what it’s like to work there with their Life at Google g+ page, what they tote as an inside look into “all things Googley”.
Simply giving employees something to talk about is one of the most organic ways of boosting both your employer profile and recruiting effectiveness. Prospective candidates will be more likely to assign credibility to an employer if recommended by someone they know. On the flip side, responding to negative comments can always be considered an opportunity to be more transparent.

Letting Candidates Know They Can Enjoy a Work/Life Balance

The vast majority of new graduates across the world, as many a Universum Student Survey has revealed, are gravitating towards employers who encourage a friendly workplace. Google cares so much about the well-being of their employees that they perform their own study, gDNA, to learn how their employees differentiate work life and personal life knowing that many can’t completely detached from work when they leave the office and try to implement different strategies and programs to combat this problem.
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