Build your Talent Army on Facebook

Build your Talent Army on Facebook

A few companies are using social media to build armies of ambassadors to supercharge employer brands all year long. Social media marketing has been a popular buzz phrase for the past few years–but it doesn’t only apply to customers. Developing a brand on social media platforms, especially Facebook, is becoming a key element in the recruitment and hiring process of many companies, both large and small. From developing company culture to attracting top talent, controlling and developing your brand on Facebook is critical if you want to connect with prospective employees. Here are a few ways to get started.


Review Your Employer Brand Presence

Implement an internal and external review of your Facebook page. The survey should review how prospects feel about your content, profile appearance and engagement levels. Internally, take an honest look at the page and ask yourself–what does our page say about our company? Are we sharing company highlights and news? Do we include a personality or voice in our posts? Do the company values we promote internally resonate in our public messages?

Everyone in the company should be included in the survey–and asked to contribute ideas about what to add or remove in order to improve the presence. This doesn’t mean your marketing department’s efforts are unnecessary–rather that they might need to be modified to include a stronger company presence. In fact, humanizing your content is a benefit to consumer marketing efforts as well. If you find your brand is very difficult to convey or you have trouble communicating it to job seekers, you may want to consider an outside research, employer branding agency or consultant to help get your messaging on track.

Reaching and Recruiting Students

It’s not uncommon today that current students and recent graduates “interview” their prospective employers by reviewing their social properties, website and Google search results. The employer brand, or the identity of the company to prospective employees, is conveyed through interpretation of these results–yet few companies really take the time to review these elements and maximize their opportunities to impress candidates. Our research of over 6,000 global brands shows that less than 30% are active socially. So those brands who are ready to be interviewed by talent are already a leg up on most of their competition.

The best way to impress candidates is to show off the successes of the company and staff. If a major marketing campaign was widely successful or the company won an award for human resource management, prospective candidates looking for forward thinking marketing jobs or fulfilling HR careers need to know about it. Facebook can help employers highlight these achievements through company-focused photo albums, employee engagement and promotion tools.

Employee Engagement

Engaged employees make the best brand ambassadors. If your company content is truly effective, your employees will share, like and otherwise interact with the posts they connect with. Sharing stories of employee successes, including congratulating employees on attaining anniversary or development milestones, is also an excellent way to brand your company and engage employees.

Employees can also directly assist with job promotions on Facebook. There are job tools that can be included as tabs or apps on Facebook, where both page managers and employees can share and promote new job listings. Their connections will be able to see new jobs, furthering networking opportunities for prospective employees.

Integrating job seeker tools into your Facebook page is the final element. Make it easy for visitors to move directly from your Facebook page into your job application platform. This can be done through links in individual posts as well as through apps and tabs. Don’t forget to encourage employees and staff to engage and share content, encourage suggestions and regular review to make sure your employer brand shines through. Ultimately, it will help supercharge your HR efforts and lower your HR costs.


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