Building at Universum

We want to build solutions that are scalable, economical, and elegant, and we’re looking for talented people to help us do just that.


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Universum is the world’s largest Talent insight company, and we keep getting bigger every day. With millions of students and professionals connecting with us over our 25 year history and providing brand and employer preference data, we’re constantly tackling challenges in search algorithms, analysis products, insight generation, and growth — all while maintaining a beautiful user experience.

Move fast

Every engineer has a high level of responsibility and we’re moving at a pace where you can deploy every day. We use Amazon Web Services and practice continuous deployment so we can quickly try out new ideas and iterate on existing product features, and we love experimenting with new technology if it’s right for the job. Our CTO and Global VP of Product work collaboratively to tackle new challenges with new open source technologies. Ruby, JS, Mongo, Hadoop and other tools and technologies are used and experimented with daily.

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Learn Together

We believe that engineering is a continuous process of learning and improvement, and that the best way to learn is by getting help from your fellow engineers. Coding is more fun when you do it together. All of our engineers hang out in chat rooms so that we can keep informal knowledge sharing. We’ll probably have Cricket and music threads too and the Global VP of Product will make sure that we have at least one thread on memes.

Go, go, go

We’ve got an exciting and challenging roadmap ahead of us. It’s steep and will require expertise and domain experience. We see engineering as a key department in the future of our organization. We’re looking for colleagues and friends who can supercharge our transformation and bake technology even deeper into our DNA.

Hello, Bonjour, 您好, Hallå, नमस्कार, G’Day, Olá

Universum is an incredibly international company. Everyday you will connect with engineers from Stockholm to Sydney and colleagues representing 37 nationalities and 56 countries. You’ll connect to vibrant, accepting and energetic colleagues who want to share and innovate.